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Is accutane working for me?

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Hey everyone, 

Im new here (joined 2 minutes ago) but Ive always read stuff secretly on the forum.

Ive been on accutane for 1 month and 1 week but Im really concerned with the progress. I know its still early days but its just really frustrating not seeing any changes. When I went to my dermatologist for second month prescription, she didnt want to increase my dosage as I started getting dry lips. She said its an indication that its working but I couldnt argue much. Ive always had dry skin and lips so Im not too sure how much its working. 

I dont even know what my question is but I guess Im just looking for some reassurance that its going to go away soon (the fact that I had a monster cystic acne and I decided to pop it and now Im left with a big hole may have been this posts motivation).

Also all the acne ive been getting have been very sensitive and bloody to the extent that cleaning my face with a cotton pad causes them to bleed vigirously.... 

Thank you if anyone comments. 

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There are many people breaking out until their last 2-3 months on Accutane. Acne is like a rollercoaster, somedays your face looks awesome and somedays you wonder how is it possible to look so awful. There's a reason you have to take Accutane for a few months.

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I agree with the above poster. More is not necessarily better.  Side effects often times discourage people from continuing so follow your derms advice.  Accutane does not stop acne instantly and the acne that is coming up may have already been on its way, its just that accutane is speeding up the process (fun.....i know)

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It'll work, don't worry. Sometimes it just takes a while and you'll have doubts. It took me 6-8  weeks before any kind of results. For some people, it will take longer, but the end result is always the same :)

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