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My skin is too dry and flaky to wear makeup...

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It's been about more than three weeks since I used acne.org regimen :) 
But I got a real problem....
my skin gets too flaky to wear any makeup!! 
I apply two pumps of moisturizer and a pump of aloe vera for extra moisture every night and day, but it is too dry... 

Am I allergic...? Or is it natural??
Also, if it's part of natural process of using this regimen and if you have or had same experience as mine, what do or did you do?? 

Please share are some successful methods of exfoliating and wearing makeup... 

I cannot live without wearing makeup, so I'll appreciate any experiences except telling me 'giving up weaking makeup'! 

I'm desperate!!! 
Please help me :( 

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Hi, I won't sugar coat things. Wearing makeup when trying to get clear skin most likely will sabotage your success. It's ideal to get cleared up first and then add your makeup back in – that way you know if it breaks you out.

Also, removing makeup is physically irritating. No matter how gently you try to do it, it's never gentle enough. Gently placing cleanser on your skin (although ideal) isn't enough. I use a scrub to do this, but you shouldn't incorporate a scrub into the Regimen until your skin is clear. Please read my post about acne mechanica and the Regimen. Scrubs are nice, though, because they triple up as makeup remover, cleanser, and as a dry-skin exfoliant.

By the way, you may want to check out this page.

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I try to not wear make up much whilst on the regimen as like the above post said taking it off is irritating and the cleanser alone does not remove the fondation I wear. Sometimes
though it can't be avoided for example nights out special occasion etc. I usually just wear concealer and nothing to heavy during the day as the cleanser will remove this but I am starting a new job next week and there's no way I won't be wearing make up at first. 

But like you when I do wear fondation my skin gets very flakey only in some areas cos I don't have spots all over so only apply it to my cheeks and chin. I find that the longer you wait after your moisturiser to put on the fondation the flakier you get. I usually will apply my make up as soon as the moisturiser has dried. However as the hours go on the flakes return and people on here have said oh just re apply moisturiser through the day but you really can't do this over Fondation. 

You could try the jojoba oil although I am scared to try this cos the thought of putting oil in to my skin worries me. Also the AHA is meant to really help with flakes but you can't start this untill a month in to the regimen. I have just ordered it and I'm hoping it will help 

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I had tge same problem. It is almost impossible to wear makeup on this regemine unless you switch moisturizer. Since you just started the regimen, I wouldn't suggest you do this until most of the acne has cleared up. Once it does, just spot treat the acne so your entire face won't be flaky and use a hypoallergenic moisturizer that's a bit heavier until the flakiness goes away. Then use Dan's moisturizer again along with spot treatments when your skin gets normal again. I didn't do this until my 3rd month on the regimen when my acne was mostly gone. But everyone bis different and yours might clear up sooner. Until then you may have to deal with it. Using a powder or mineral makeup as opposed to a liquid might work a little better in the meantine. As well as waiting an hr after u treat your face before you apply any make up. This will give your skin time to adjust and reduce flakiness too.

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