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Doxycycline ER - Nowhere to be found!!!

I have struggled with acne for a VERY long time and I think I tried everything out there (including Accutane, every topical treatment, and just about every brand of birth control pills)! My dermatologists have prescribed antibiotics for me in the past with little improvement, but recently she prescribed Doxycycline and it got RID of my acne!!!! The problem was, she prescribed Doxycycline Delayed Release which means that the medication is not actually released until it has had time to get to the intestines (to prevent stomach upset). Once it gets there, all of the medication is released at once. Unfortunately, along with clear skin that I hadn't seen in about TEN years came terrible nausea and dizziness. They told me to stop taking it which I did, but I tried taking it again multiple times and had the same problem. I am so willing to do anything possible for clear skin that I tried to power through it but I could barely get through the work day without feeling like I was going to pass out. My dermatologist said she would prescribe Doxycycline Hyclate Extended Release instead because that means that there is a lower steady release of the medication into the bloodstream for 24 hours so it's much less likely for patients to experience side effects. I thought great, my struggle is over!

Nope. This medication is nowhere to be found. The MD kept sending the prescription to a pharmacy and they kept trying to give me delayed release tablets. They apparently don't carry the extended release tablets/capsules and I have called around everywhere trying to find a pharmacy that does. I have now been told that it doesn't exist, delayed release and extended release are the same thing, and that I am on my own to find a place that carries it (by my MD). I am hoping that there is someone out there who has taken this and knows if there is a mail-order pharmacy or regular one that carries it! Please help, I need DOXYCYCLINE HYCLATE EXTENDED RELEASE! Thank you!!!! : )

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have you tried "GenRx"? They might have it and wouldn't hurt to try. I couldn't find their website but this is their number that comes with mine. 


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