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Caveman Regimen

So in the middle of September I stumbled upon  Acne.org where I saw discussions on the caveman regimen. Where u simply just stop washing your face with all those checmials. Allowing your face to heal itself. And my face did just that! I started kid September and my face was really dry cause it was use to moisturizer which I stopped using forcing my skins natural oils to come back (and they did) and then it appeared as if my face was getting worse...I was freaking out but I was like okay perhaps it will get better this is just the reaction of me not using a face wash anymore. Skin was dry for a couple days but then I noticed my natural oils had come back and although I still had visible acne my face looked brighter more alive. To make a long story short the caveman regimen worked for me. The pimples started healing themselves and didn't take as long to go away. I'd get a nasty pimple and it would be healing within the next day! My face is clearer. I do wash my face with WATER in the shower in the mornings and at night before I go to bed and drink lots of water. But I highly recommend this "regimen".

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My skin has been bad since I was like 14/15 years old.. I'm now 21. I started using Clearasil products at 14/15, which only made it worse. Since then I have never not used products.. Always some kind of cleanser and moisturizer. I'm now at a point where I just want to stop using all of it. I have been using it for years and years and I still have acne so obviously using these products doesn't make it go away.. 
However, when I don't use a cleanser and no moisturizer, my skin gets realllly dry after I take a shower.. Just because of the hot water and steam.. I'm kind of afraid about doing this regimen, because now I have acne but at least my skin isn't all dry and flakey.. I really wanna try though but I'm just not sure lol.. 

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In my opinion it doesnt work. Then again we are all different. If none of us ever used acne products before we had acne then according to this regimen wouldn't we not get it in the first place. I think it is very important to not overuse products, because that will def make things worse, but using the right amount of treatment is better than none at all. Again, just my opinions from my personal experiences, everyone is different. 

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- go to very end for gist 

Blame the industrialized society of today. I love the life we live just as much as the next person, but when people rather touch bleach than deal with farm animals ( just an example), I don't know what they understand is safe. 

There re are so many highly toxic chemicals that are viable to us and we use them everyday. These chemicals go down the drain and back into the bodies. I highly doubt certain substances are supposed to be in our systems, and these substances may be contributing to a minor problem that we may have ad inevitably and exasperated it to a major and chronic problem. Chemical dangers are still very unknown and things that look nice and clean my be disrupting our endocrine system.

it would seem hypocritical of me to say that chemicals are causing you problem so you should go ahead and start your caveman regime. But, the fact is that your are probably not going to be dealing with your issue in the most productive manner and should maybe see a dermatologist to help you get your acne under control - the faster you actually deal with it the less scars or loss of self esteem you have to deal with.  Acne is complex and not cleansing properly won't fix it. 

long sorry short: acne is complicated, could be many things, don't think not cleansing face is going to help. Should see a dermatologist 

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