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L-Arginine = possible worst enemy

I have had face acne, back acne, and chest/shoulder acne since I was a teenager.. About 14 years. And I know how to clear it. 

The problem isn't L-Arginine per se, but the ratio of L-Arginine/L-Lysine in your foods and the ultimate ratio your body will receive each day. 

It all started one day when I had a HSV-1 outbreak, went to the doc, was diagnosed, and ultimately saddened by the results. Afterwards I searched long and hard about this issue and all that has to do about it. One day I came across some info stating that HSV1 needs L-Arginine to replicate and that L-Lysine competes for this position. Essentially, the more Arginine the more the virus replicates, the more Lysine, the less it replicates. 
I found this to be true by testing it myself. Long story short, when incorporating L-Lysine supplement and/or eating more foods that have a higher Lysine to Arginine ratio, I was able to keep my outbreaks at bay, but not only that, my acne disappeared as well.

Now here is why. Acne is essentially pus bubbles. Pus bubbles are formed from white blood cells that are being excreted after they've done their job of defending the body. 
So whenever my HSV replicates, that's more work my white blood cells have to do, hence more to be excreted, hence more acne. 
When I put the HSV in check, there is less and acne goes down. 

I know now this to be absolutely true because if I ever have high Arginine foods my body goes crazy with acne. 

Now you might say "but I don't have HSV"..
That's not something you know for sure. Studies say there are people who have it with no symptoms and I've seen studies that say the majority of people actually have it. 
But it may not only be HSV, it could be something else that works on the same principle.

all I have to say is try it out and see if your acne clears. 

But you must be prudent. You cannot slack with this regimen or you might not ever find out the truth. 

Here is is what you do..
eat ONLY foods that have a higher ratio of Lysine than Arginine. 
(You can google these lists, there are many)
these typical foods are meats, milks, cheeses, and some fruits and vegetables. 
The opposite (foods higher in Arginine)  would be things like wheat, nuts, other grains, rice, and some fruits and vegetables. 
You can also supplement with L-Lysine to help the situation. 

What do you have to lose by trying?

i am almost certain the majority if not all of anybody who tries this will certainly clear up their acne. 

Side note: don't have any artificial sweeteners such as sucralose while doing this regimen. It will hinder your results likely. I find that these chemicals also cause acne. 

Even one day of this and you will feel the difference the next day. 

But I must stress you HAVE TO HAVE TO be on point with the diet. 
Dont eat anything that is on the list that has a higher ratio of Arginine than Lysine. 


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Interesting... I know my acne was caused by food sensitivities, which were caused by leaky gut, which was caused by candida overgrowth.  So when I avoid foods I'm sensitive to, I'm clear.  And I'll be cured once I kill the candida and heal myself. 

So your diet wouldn't work for me, but I'm sure it would work for tons of other people.  Milk breaks me out, and so does solid cheese.  Melted cheese doesn't do too much damage, though.  But I think I will try avoiding dairy anyways since I just recently found out it can cause clogged pores (which I don't need anymore of).

But I'm sure there's ton of other people who would benefit from trying your method or mine.  Everyone's acne is different, though.  Because it's caused by different things.  That's what makes it so complicated for people to "cure" it.  It's a puzzle.

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Have you at least tried eliminating foods that have a higher Arginine ratio than Lysine to see if it even improves your acne? 

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Out of curiosity, what kind of HSV-1 outbreak did you have that led a doctor to this diagnosis? (Cold sore? Skin rash - where?) Were you ever treated with oral or topical Acyclovir and if so whether doing so would this not have made the HSV-1 go dormant?

I'm 35 and have in the last four months been experiencing increasingly problematic skin issues. It began with a herpetic-appearing rash on my ankle that the doctor was unfortunately unable to get an appropriate swab on to make any conclusive diagnosis. This was followed by a couple of months of pins and needles feeling throughout my entire body. Then the appearance of small red, dry bumps throughout. I also experience quite a bit of muscle ache in my lower half, in particular my buttocks and back of my thighs. Acne that has never been a problem for me is now a regular part of my life. Throughout all of this, doctors are unable to make any diagnosis besides to assume it's some type of allergic reaction that they can't identify because I never have had another outbreak that resembled the first.

I strongly suspect HSV-1. My last sexual partner had HSV-1 (periodic cold sores) and had similar body acne and bumps throughout the body but nevre a "known" outbreak elsewhere.

I would love any advice you might be able to give on how you came to this conclusion and whether your arginine-less diet is the only treatment that you've employed.


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