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Dim dosis And insulin

Heeey my first Topic.. :teehee:
DIM is good for me and im muuuch clearer thanks to this supplement.
 i am underweight, so im wondering if it would it be okay to take double dosis (200 mg), and does it help more than just taking the 100mg dose?

I am strict on diet. No sugar, refined carbs, gluten or dairy. But still have acne and pcos.
Do you guys think, that someone can be insulin resistant when they are very skinny, and have no fat on the body.? 

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Absolutely.  The body is funny like that.  I am skinny and i am pre diabetic - never thought that would happen.  I've also eaten healthy for the most part doing unprocessed foods, no gluten or dairy and organic produce and meats.  Still have acne. 

Why don't you call the manufacturer and ask?

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I dont know, but I asked some naturpaths, and they say its ok. 
Its weird, that many of us can eat so "perfect" and strictly for years , but still have hormonal acne .. 

In spite of the healthy living i definately have cortisol and insulin and thyroid problems, as well as gut and liver problems.
lecithin and supplements for gut and liver is helping me much. :) im very close to clear. 

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