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Weird mark won't go away?

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So I've had mild to moderate acne since middle school, but it got severe around grade 10-11, but luckily calmed down and cleared up a lot in grade 12. I've been using TactuPump lately, and it's helped enormously. However, a couple days in, I noticed I had a red mark or two appear on the front of my face. At first it looked like a flat pimple, or a pimple was forming. But, it never formed to a pimple, and it never hurt. I thought maybe it was a scar, which made no sense since there was no pimple that died or got popped there recently. I thought it was just irritated skin and would go away, but this red mark/scar looking thing has been there for weeks now! It's had a big blow to my confidence, as the rest of my skin is mostly clear now, except for this big red mark on my face. It doesn't look that bad in certain lightings, but in other lightings it looks horrible. Any idea what this could be? How long it'll take to disappear? I'm really starting to lose my patience. I've been trying to apply some scar gel on it, hopefully that helps.

I don't think I've ever had anything like this. Most pimples or scars disappear or at least improve within 2 weeks, but this feels like it hasn't improved one bit. I'm so confused and it's making me anxious. AH!

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I'd recommend having it looked at by a dermatologist if you haven't already. I had a weird red lesion on my back that I thought was either from an acne cyst or a bug bite, but then a few years later the thought, "what is this? Could this be a melanoma based on the whole 'ugly ducking' method they talk about" hit me and sent me into a panic I haven't recovered from. I'm terrified to get it checked out. Had I gone in right away, I would have probably been fine either way.

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