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Finally cleared my skin with diet, and here is how.

(Just putting it out there) I started seeing amazing results within 2 weeks, but it took about 3 months of sticking to the diet to fully get clear and healthy long lasting skin, so if you start "STICK WITH IT!!
Hello, excuse my grammar as it is not the best and this will be a quite long post. I started breaking out within the first 1-2 months of turning 16, before that, of course, my skin was perfect. Up intel, the last 3 months or so my diet throughout my entire life consisted of whatever the fuck I wanted to eat. This included a mass amount of ruffles ships (Grains, wheat, vegetable oils) sandwiches with white bread always (I loved white bread) staying up till 3 am drinking soda with my friends and so forth. So basically my diet consisted of grains and a minimal amount of vegetables. This all stop once I started to do some personal research and read the book "Clear skin forever" and no this is not an advertisement, This book saved my life it takes all bout diet, acne and how it is related, I highly recommend reading it as it will give you a conglomerate amount of information on what you truly should be avoiding and what you should truly be intaking. But any how, in a sum, i started by cutting out wheat. Wheat this included all bread pretty much as it contains wheat. for those of you that do bot know wheat has a glycemic index of 71, if a food has a insanely high GL (glycemic index) as wheat does it spikes your insulin, so basically in a sum it produces and messes with they amount of sebum oil that is on your face and makes you break out. But this is not just for wheat I soon realized, a lot! I repeat ALOT! of foods are high in gl (Glycemic index) and can spike your insulin giving you the same chain reaction effect. I would highly recommend reading that book as it explains all about it. Any way later on i stopped eating all vegetable oils, such as canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and the list goes on, I didn't stop eating coconut and or olive or red palm oil cause those are in no way bad for you, or your acne. I also learned from the book (clear skin forever) people that don't eat a lot of fresh high-quality meats throughout their life and mostly grains like I did, have a very high chance of becoming zinc deficient, so i started taking zinc, also my previous diet was almost all omega 6's which are a known inflammatory fatty acid, so I started eating salmon and taking fermented cod liver oil for the vitamin a(a well-known acne fighting vitamin that is in Accutane) I then cut out every single grain you can think of.I have so much more I could tell you about how i cleared my skin but please, please go and or of you do not have the money email theme and ask for a free copy, )Clear skin forever) it will save your acne condition to the fullest extent as it did mine. If you Think I am advertising their book, I am not I just feel extremely grateful to theme as they saved my acne,And saved any future health conditions i may have gotten from my previous diet. I can feel confident with my now soft, vibrant healthy skin and know i am taking care of my body to the fullest extent.

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