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duac and benzamycin? and q about calamine...

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I was just prescribed both benzamycin and duac.  The doctor said to use benzamycin twice a day for two months and then to come back to him, and he also gave me duac to use as a spot treatment twice a day on bigger pimples for 10 days.  At the pharmacy they told me I shouldn't use them together, and if the doc gave me both then I should use the benzamycin day and night and the duac in the middle of the day.  Can anyone tell me which makes more sense? Maybe I misunderstood the doc?

Also, I have been using calamine lotion on my skin (the liquid kind, not a cream) while at home, as a kind of mask that takes down the redness and is also nice for keeping me from seeing the acne and being bothered by it.  Would it be a problem to put calamine lotion (the one I have is 5% zinc and 15% calamine btw) over the benzamycin or duac?

And finally, I have a moisturizer with retinol, vitamin C, green tea... I should stop using that for now, right?  Because those are antioxidants and the antibiotics contain bp, which oxidizes in order to kill bacteria... Or is that not applicable when it's being used together with an antibiotic, like in duac or benzamycin, because the antibiotic is what's really killing the bacteria and the bp is there to keep the skin from becoming immune to the antibiotic?  And if I can't use that moisturizer, is it necessary to use any with the benzamycin/duac, or will I be OK til the acne is gone and I can start using the antioxidant moisturizer again?  I have Nivea creme (European kind) and I've found in the past that it burned when applied over benzoyl peroxide, but I was using Benzac AC then, so maybe it would be ok now... any experience?


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