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Are Thick Moisturizers More Hydrating Than Thin Ones?

I've noticed something after trying many moisturizers (and also after reading personal accounts). So if you use any kind of acne medication which dries out the skin (or if your skin is just naturally dry), this should help you.

So are thick creams & lotions more hydrating than thin lightweight lotions? Well surprisingly, the consistency has nothing do to with it. All I can say about consistency is that thin products absorb more into the skin, and they're easier to apply. Yes, thick moisturizers may have a better capability of softening the skin, but not necessarily of moisturizing it. People tend to interchange these terms because they're similar, but they do have different meanings.

Products that contain a variety of effective emollients and occlusive ingredients don't always moisturize the skin sufficiently. What they do is soften it & make it feel supple. They basically improve the texture. What I've noticed is that this is the case w/ my skin, but it still feels tight. As far as flakiness is concerned, products like this help with flakes shortly after application. In essence they don't prevent flakes; they just "hide" them, but they're still there.

If you want moisturized skin, you need to find a product that contains sufficient concentrations of effective humectants (namely sodium lactate and urea). A product like this eradicates flakiness—but differently: it prevents them instead of "hiding" them. You have to use the product for a few days before the flakiness subsides. So if you want flake-free skin, you don't need a heavy product.

One more thing: if flakiness is a problem for you, please consider discontinuing the use of AHA products. Contrary to what some people think, they actually cause your skin to flake more because they renew the skin faster than it should renew itself. Good luck, guys

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