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Random Chin Breakout

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Hello guys, I am a 23 year old Male with oily/combination skin. Currently I have had a huge breakout on my chin with what is believed to be cyst (I will call them this, but not entirely sure if they are cyst). They start off as red, tender flat bumps, eventually get larger and form a whitehead. Generally my skin is pretty clear but I do get random breakouts like this on my chin maybe once a year or so. It started off as 1 bump, and it grew and looked like it had 2-3 smaller whiteheads on it. That eventually popped on its own with a little bit of my help once I saw that it was popped. Ever since that one dissapeared, I've been having similar bumps, but usually grow to only 1 whitehead. After that, I noticed that they started to come out together, generally close to each other. I started getting some on the left and right side of my chin close to my mouth and bottom of my chin. 

I have been using Tactuo/Epiduo for over a year and I do not experience many break outs, maybe 1-2 pimples here and there but thats all. This has happened before, but not to this extreme. ALSO, 2-3 weeks ago I had stopped this regime because I did not have insurance to pay for the expensive Epiduo and my skin was looking good so I thought I would see if I needed to continue using it. After 1-2 cyst formed, I started my normal regime again right away (maybe a week ago) but the cyst are still coming.

Some information about myself: I shower once in the morning and once at night, shampoo/conditioner almost every night, after my night shower I cleanse my face with SpectroGel, wait for my skin to dry, then apply the Benzoyl Peroxide cream (Epiduo). This regime has been working great for me for the past 1-2 years. I noticed that just recently, I have been drinking alot of Starbucks lately (In the past 2 weeks before this happened, I drank a latte for almost everday of the week). I did a lot of research recently and noticed that milk/dairy is bad for acne because of the hormones that may cause your skin to get more oily than normal. 

ANYWAYS. That is what I believe may have caused this breakout, but for the past couple days (3-5 days), I have cut dairy out entirely and have been trying to eat a lot healthier (fruits, veggies, etc.). 

When I finally feel like my skin is getting better because no new bumps come up and my old ones are going away, I notice the tender feeling under my skin and know that a new bump is on the way... For example, yesterday I had 4-5 of these 'cyst' on my left side of the chin which were all subsiding (partially popped and was drying up). Then at night I noticed 2-3 more bumps now beginning on the right side of my chin but not exactly where the old ones were that have already healed/subsided.

Please help! If I am missing any information or any questions, please feel free to message!

**PS: Is this hormonal acne?

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