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Anyone Have Any Input On My Condition? New And Looking For Answers. Pics Attatched

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Hi, so I'm twenty years old and recently started suffering from moderate to severe acne. (Please keep in mind I say severe because I can feel the buildup under my skin more than shown in pictures attached it's extremely deep routed in areas that show no sign of it on the surface)I never had consistent acne until about a year ago. What started off as what I though was just a break out during that time of the month has become a nightmare I can't get rid of. All of my acne is located on my cheeks and chin, most of it is blind and located under the skin. Very hard, not painful large pockets of something under the skin. Very rarely do these bumps come to any type of head yet they are NOT sensitive or painful(just extremely itchy at random times). Anytime a new bump appears under my skin it usually becomes very discolored and eventually ends up being a raised scar that stays for months. I've looked into cystic acne and nodulistic acne but I'm not sure what category what I have falls under (if any from what I read both are very painful which mine is not) nor do I know what is causing the sudden skin condition to occur in the first place. The zits on the surface of my skin I can deal and are not a huge deal to me but the once under my skin are extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. Before having this problem I washed my face with only water and for years had absolutely no issues. I began to use X out about a year ago to clear an outbreak and the acne has been consistent ever since... I no longer use X out after 7 weeks of use with no improvement and worse acne I had to begin with I switched products and waited the same amount of time maybe longer with which each product I've tried. Currently I'm back to using proactive and again I'm going with no improvement. I will attach photos of my condition though u can not see the lumps under my skin that I feel you can see the scaring and damage they have caused. If anyone has any advice on what could be going on or anything I can do to improve my condition I would more than appreciate it. Also, what I'm describing does sound a lot like hormonal acne but my periods are very regular for the most part and the acne is present throughout the entire month never really improving or worsening so I'm not sure if it's possible to have imbalanced hormones with a normal menstral cycle or if I should be looking for any other symptoms. Honestly I'm rambling and this post is probably way to long for anyone to reply to but I'm desperate for any kind of help advice or guidance. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read.



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Your acne looks like mine, and I too have difficulty naming it haha. It looks like cystic/nodular to me. Also could be hormonal, showing where the acne is located. I recently got on birth control for it but its still too soon to tell. I would get off proactiv in my opinion. Its way harsh and can aggrivate acne and make it worse for some people. It did for me. Try anti inflammatory products and gental cleansers, it helped mine go from severe to mild. Cereve, the acne.org cleanser, raw honey are all good mild cleansers. Aloe vera for a toner, and some sort of gental moisterizer like jojoba oil. I hope that helped a little!

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