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More Moisturizer = More Hydration? Not Necessarily

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Some moisturizers are formulated to feel "cosmetically elegant" on the skin, which means they're lightweight, nongreasy, and somewhat unnoticeable. Products which are like this usually don't moisturize well since the after-feel is taken more into consideration. Some people say that you should use more moisturizer to compensate for the reduced hydration capability, which results in a ridiculous amount of moisturizer. Yet after applying multiple layers of product, the skin doesn't feel any more hydrated. The issue is the product formulation. Yes, using more moisturizer provides more hydration up to a certain limit. So while 1 pump of lotion may be more hydrating than 1/2 of a pump, 2 pumps may necessarily not be more hydrating than 1 pump. I assume this "limit" is the maximum amount of product that our skin can completely absorb.

One more thing: the less product you use, the more it'll absorb into your skin. Because of this, I think it's necessary to find a product which is both lightweight (remember that lightweight products also absorb better than heavy products) and provides an insane amount of moisture with only a small amount. I'm on the hunt for this product. My goal is to recommend something that is exceptional. Stay tuned.

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I somewhat agree, some moisturizers tend to be very emollient but just sit on top of the skin while others absorb really easily. I have come to find that it is always different with each individual. Skin type is a big factor and up until recently I have noticed that climate matters. I used to live in a tropical country and used to think the Acne.org moisturizer was too thick and heavy...now living in Canada, I do feel very under moisturized.

I sometimes think about putting a bit of a disclaimer on my advice saying that this is what works for me, but I am not really sure if it will work for your skin, or climate.

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yes, climate definitely matters. this is the reason humectant-based moisturizers usually don't work well for people who experience dry climates. For this reason it's also important for the moisturizer to contain a reasonable number of good emollients & occlusives.

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I just tried Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream 5% Urea. Wasn't impressed by it at all. I still had dry patches on my face. Gonna use it for another week to see how it does, though.

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I agree with CP. I like a lightweight, non-greasy, emollient moisturizer too. 
I use Dan's moisturizer mixed with his jojoba oil in the evening and I love it. For daytime, I love Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehaving Spf 30. It is so moisturizing and soaks into my combination skin quickly with no residue at all. Also doesn't break my acne prone skin out. 

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