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What Has Helped Me! Omega 3!

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So I have had acne for all my life and tried everything. It is very stressful I can tell you that! Not ever wanting to go to work and always feeling like there was a big weight on your shoulders.. I think it started getting worse about 5 years ago when I became vegitarian...Then 3 yrs later it was still bad and read about dairy..I was on the vegan diet for a while and thought that might help, tried gluten free and that still didn't really help. Cut out eggs, thought that the issue. took many supplements and vitamins of all sorts. A,..After I read about zinc I started taking it along with many other vitamins. I still hadn't quite figured out the issue. Then something occured to me, that with taking certain vitamins and supplements I noticed more of a difference. So here is my regimen now: Saw Palmetto 450 mg, Zinc 50 mg, and OMEGA 3 fish oil(2-3 times daily), oh and sometimes vitamin D3 and a colon cleanser. I use the sulfur mask every now and then and use the acne free bp and then follow with cetaphil.... I try to exercise about 3 times a week and usually drink a big carrot smoothie for breakfast....But , SO far it seems like Omega 3 is the main benefit along with zinc and saw palmetto, and I have noticed when I stopped taking Omega 3 breakouts come back in certain areas.... However I will still continue with the others listed. But here is the good part.....My skin is much more clear now! , scars seem to be healing and I ate whatever the hell I wanted yesterday with no issues today. Gummy bears, and a big chipotle burrito with everything on it. I am about 1 week into the omega 3 pills and truly have noticed a big difference. I can say in the past a big burrito with everything on it or gummy bears would have given me acne. If anyone has issues I would try these vitamins and supplements Immediately

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I'm also a believer of zinc, vitamin D3, and omega3. Those 3 vitamins cleared up my skin 90%, and I've been taking them for a year now. I worry a lot less about acne now then I used to. However I still cannot eat whatever I want. Anything with vegetable oil like fried foods or potato chips will still break me out.

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Yea I noticed there are still trigger foods as well. For me its good to avoid soy, chocolate, and cheese in large amounts....I guess I still need to keep an eye on trigger foods but yea these vitamins definitely helped!

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