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Hi All,

I'm writing today because I'm SUPER frustrated with my skin right now. I've just hit 9 weeks using epiduo gel this past Friday; I experienced an initial breakout during the first 3-4 weeks but I knew this was normal. It cleared around week 5, but reappeared during week 6. I was super discouraged. I finally cleared during week 7, but have recently began breaking out again - HORRIBLY. I currently am using epiduo at night (pea sized amount) about 30 mins after I wash my face with Cetaphil Daily Cleanser. I follow up with Philosophy's Take A Deep Breath Moisturizer about 30 mins after that. I constantly use clean towels and pillow cases, stopped using fabric softener on my laundry and am constantly washing my hands before putting anything on my face. It's just super frustrating to see that my acne has gotten 10 times worse when it should be getting better by now. Help!!!!!!

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I have used epiduo for about 11 months. I think it helps minimally. My acne is hormonal and I also take 75mg of spironolactone. Things improved but still not clear. Considering adding more spironolactone as my dr recommended. 

I guess what im saying is that for me and many others topicals alone don't do the trick. 

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Epiduo is a stupid, and unnecessary combination product. You would get better results by using benzoyl peroxide wash and a topical retinoid (retin a, differin, or tazorac) separately. Plus you would be less likely to stain your sheets and clothes. 
Use the benzoyl peroxide in the morning and evening. Be careful not to bleach your hair or clothes. The last thing you should apply at night is the retinoid. Moisturize your skin in the morning after you wash.
Good luck and tell us how you make out

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