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Sorry for the length of this post, future logs will be much shorter. I would really appreciate you reading it all and giving me any feedback. Thank you.

I'm 17 years old, male, weigh 53kg (116 lb) and I'm 1.65m (5ft 5in) tall. Besides being on the light side, and also pretty short, I'm not overly skinny nor scrawny, just slim. I only get good exercise in summer but I consider myself to be quite healthy in terms of diet. I have always been of oily and light skin and hair, at least before starting my course. I thinks it's worth mentioning that I have in the past year and a half been drinking very important amounts of alcohol, but am avoiding it almost completely now, and if I do drink, very little and I take all the precautions necessary.

I started my treatment with Accutane the first couple of days of August. My dermatologist said my blood tests were excellent. Since the start, I've been on 40 mg per day (one 20mg pill at lunch and another at dinner). I finish my 2nd month in around 10 days from today. My derm said I'd reach Summer without any acne (I live in Argentina, where summer starts in December), not really specifying the total duration of my course on Isotretenoin. He also said that during my 3rd month he might change my dosage to a little less (20mg per day), according to what he sees on my next appointment, and that once the acne clears (not sure if he is talking about towards the end or post-course) he would leave me on a low dosage in the way of a maintenance for some time.

My acne really started developing this year, quite gradually at that. The previous year I only had very minor breakouts every now and then, which would quickly subside. Besides that, clear and smooth skin, although not perfect, through out all my face. Around June or July I really noticed that my face was considerably worse than at the beginning of 2015. I went from having minor acne on my face and chest in January to having moderate acne on my face, and weirdly enough, barely having any on my chest. Acne at this age (17) seems to run in some parts of my family, but not in either of my parents.

As to how I am now:

During the first week the drying lips, skin and nose kicked in quite heavily. After that my acne flared up a lot, and my skin started flaking and was extremely sensitive, which brought a lot of redness. Also, my lips were very dry and cracked. This is all normal and my derm told me to be patient. Now, more than halfway through my second month, although seeing no results with regard on how I was before my first pill, my worsened acne has calmed down a little bit. I'm quite anxious due to all this, I just want my skin to be clear again. I've experienced other side-effects as well, such as some pain in the certain muscles or joints (my back mainly) but for the most part I can withstand them. The dryness is less noticeable and now with just some chapstick my lips are doing fine.
I drink 3 liters of water per day, eat fruits and vegetables, some fat in each meal as to increase the absorption of the isotretinoin. I always eat 1 citric per day (oranges or grapefruits mostly) and then maybe a banana or other fruits (strawberries today). I'm using erythromycin 4% topically my doctor gave me before starting on accutane.

My acne is all spread across my jaw. My chin and lower lips are clear but I get (not very noticeable) minor pimples on my upper lip to the sides every now and then. My forehead is clear for the most part, I might have 1 or 2 very small bumps, but they're not red nor inflamed like most of my acne on my face, so they're not noticeable on sight. My cheekbones are completely clear and smooth, which seems weird to me. I want all my skin to look like the skin on my cheekbones. I find myself hiding my acne behind a hoodie most of the time out of pure embarrassment and frustration.

I'm just waiting now.
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Hey how are you doing now?

I'm just over three months in and my skin is improving after getting v bad initially but I'm still getting new spots. Tedious process but I've been lucky with side effects. Ibjust want clear skin !!!

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Sorry I didn't see this earlier, haven't been on this site until this week since January. After 7 months, I'm clear now. I myself didn't get any better until the end of the forth month, and even then, I wasn't in good shape. I finish my course this week, so I'm looking forward to that. Things aren't over for me yet I'm sad to say. I have quite a lot of residual redness and red marks left behind, which stop me from being happy about having smooth, spot-free skin. Acne is a bitch. But that's a whole different topic.

At three months you are only half way through (maybe even less, I went for 7 months) so arm yourself with patience. As long as you aren't getting any worse (like I did for the first 3-4 months) there is reason to believe you might start clearing up at any moment.

Don't hesitate to ask me anything. I'll be frequenting this site for the time being. 

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