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Hey guys,

here's a bit of info regarding the best supplements for acne. They don't cure acne on their own, but in conjunction with the right diet, they could help out a lot. copy-pasted from an article I found.

Green Tea Extract

This is the strongest of all acne supplements. In terms of fighting free radicals, green tea extract is twenty times stronger than Vitamin C and fifty times stronger than Vitamin E. The extract is anti-inflammatory, anti-radiation, and anti-carcinogen. It has been used by different cultures for hundreds of years to treat many diseases. It can be used as a topical acne cure too!

When taken internally green tea extract clears your skin from within. It has so many antioxidants that not only kill bacteria but also prevent skin pores from becoming clogged up. A supplement pill can have a much more potent effect than a cup of green tea. The daily recommended dose is 300-1,000mg. This is the equivalent of swallowing two pills per day. Note: There are caffeinated and decaffeinated pills. We already mentioned that caffeine is bad for your acne skin. So it will be better to buy decaffeinated green tea extract pills.

Please be aware that green tea extract could cause insomnia. Take it in the morning or afternoon and avoid it in the evening. Do not take more than two pills per day until your body gets used to the pill. If you take a supplement and have stomach upset then start taking the pills with food.


Although you want to get all of your vitamins from the foods that you eat it may not happen quickly. You may be better off taking a multi-vitamin pill every single day. Taking this pill will ensure that you get all of the necessary nutrients at once. Simply walk to the nearest drugstore or find an online shop that you can trust. Do not buy your pills from just anywhere, as some forms will just be flushed out in urine. If your urine turns bright yellow it is an indication that the vitamins are not being absorbed by your body.

  • Vitamin A- These foods contain beta-carotene. When it gets into the body Vitamin A can regulate a hyperactive sebaceous gland. This leads to reduced sebum production, hence reduced acne. You can get it naturally from animal products (retinol) or plant products (beta-carotene), or from a multi-vitamin.
  • Vitamin B-complex-A Vitamin B-complex supplement contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. Acne can be aggravated by stress and the role of Vitamin B-complex supplements is to reduce stress. It will also improve your skin’s hydration and pigmentation, as well as decreasing puffiness and redness because of better blood circulation. Just take one pill per day to get all the complex B vitamins we explained above. Be careful when shopping though, as there are vitamin B complex supplements that have toxins. Avoid getting too much of this nutrient. Research shows that an overdose of vitamin B12 aggravates acne.
  • Vitamin C- This is an essential nutrient for acne sufferers. It boosts production of collagen fibers that support your skin muscles. Vitamin C also absorbs free radicals that trigger inflammation in your skin and internal organs. Vitamin C contributes to the healing of wounds, and it also strengthens your skin capillaries, reducing redness. Additionally, the tiny blood capillaries deliver nutrients to the dermis, where acne develops. 500mg of vitamin C supplements are recommended per day. You also should eat at least five servings of fresh vegetables and fruits per day. Some manufacturers produce pill forms that consist of up to 2,000mg per day. Although these are still safe to take you may suffer a stomach upset afterward, particularly if you take the pill on an empty stomach.
  • Vitamin D- The body gets free and natural vitamin D from the sun. So you need to expose yourself to the sun during summer to get some vitamin D. Yet be careful not to ruin your skin, as UV rays are known to cause premature aging. Vitamin D can be taken in the form of a supplement and will interfere with sebum production for an anti-bacterial effect. The recommended dose is 600-800 IU per day.
  • Vitamin E- A high-quality vitamin E supplement is very beneficial to anyone who has acne. Vitamin E represents a cluster of compounds that absorbs free radicals when fat is being converted into energy. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to decelerate the process through which skin cells get damaged. People who have acne usually have a vitamin E deficiency, and it is easier for them to take supplements to recover quickly. Each dose is 15mg.
  • L-Lysine- People with an acne problem are advised to take an L-Lysine supplement to increase their levels of this amino acid. Your body does not produce this amino acid naturally. The work of amino acids in the body is to make skin cells with proteins. L-Lysine is is a particular form of amino acid that is involved with collagen and elastin. These two elements are responsible for tight, firm, and youthful-looking skin. L-Lysine also repairs damaged skin, particularly from acne inflammation and scarring. You are supposed to take 1,000mg per day.
  • Zinc- Zinc is an important mineral and trace element that helps reduce the severity of acne. It specifically targets acne scars and sores by healing and repairing damaged skin tissues and cells. Zinc minimizes inflammation too. If this will be your first time taking zinc supplements begin with only 30mg two times a day for one month. Then start taking 30mg three times per day. Be sure to check your results to see whether your acne is improving. Acne pills that contain zinc are easy to find and they seem to be marketed more than other supplements.

Note: Never start taking any supplement for acne removal before consulting your doctor. Your doctor will know how to advise you if you suffer from a disease that would potentially be worsened by some of these supplements. Also, if you are lactating or pregnant and are affected by acne, see your doctor first. They can tell you whether you should take acne supplements or not. There are many sellers of supplements, and each will label their product. Ensure that you take your supplements according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once you take all the pills in the bottle you may ask your doctor whether it is safe to continue. If your acne clears then stop taking the pills. Continue eating food that gives you the nutrients you were seeking in supplements.

Hope it helps!

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Those are good I take them all except the green tea extract and Vitamin E but will look into it!

I also take daily Magnesium, Omega 3, TMG, and Milk Thistle.

Kelp I take but only every other day.

For reference I am struggling with Hormonal chin acne due estrogen dominance.

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