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Should I Do Skin Needling (Dermapen)?

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So I recently booked myself in for microdermabrasion as I have post acne scars on my cheeks. As I was getting the microdermabrasion done, since majority of the scars I want gone are depressed, the lady recommended that I do skin needling. She said I would only need a few sessions as my scars aren't that deep.

I've seen minor results with the micro and was wondering if anyone has had skin needling done and wether or not they found it effective. Also would you recommend it or should I find another treatment for my acne scars.

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If they are mild then yes needling will make a difference, but I personally don't think it's worth it to get it done professionally considering how much each session typically costs. I would purchase a 1.5 mm derma stamp (don't get a derma roller) and use it every 4-6 weeks. You'll want to do do a lot of research on pre and after care. Keep in mind that all collagen induction treatments take time. It will take several months at least to see improvement. Take lots of pictures to track your progress.

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I use microneedling for a scar I got from a car accident and it takes time for it to show improvements. I'm not sure how deep your scars are (mine are pretty deep so obviously I'm gonna see slower results) but I believe you will benefit if they are acne scars. See about getting a deal on the microneedling though. That stuff gets expensive!

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Thanks Tea Rex and Missamua, I know the price is pretty expensive but the place I get my micro done has half price on all treatments so from $300 it's gone to $150 and I'm thinking of just trying it out, below are pictures of my scars, the photos quality is pretty grainy so it might look like I have rolling scars but majority of them are just pitted and a couple ice pick and enlarged pores, do you guys still think it'd work for me? And would it be worth it?post-441278-0-63372300-1442901623.jpg


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Of course it will! Consult with the person doing the microneedling though. Generally, it takes about 6 treatments before seeing major results (at least that was my case) but since yours are so much smaller, you should see quicker results. :)

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