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Do you think this uneven texture which looks like rolling scars on my forehead will fade? Sorry I have a lot of questions I just want good skin again.

need some pics dude

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In pictures it doesn't show?? But I do think its rolling scars I was just wondering whether it will go down sometime

dude if it cant be seen in pictures, its probably not even noticeable

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Yeah true, sorry for worrying and asking a lot of questions, acne and acne marks have been on my skin for so long I just want it gone completely.

No problem man. I feel the same way tbh :P

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Here are the pictures of my forehead. I do have red marks/PIH near my eyebrows but other then that my forehead is clear of marks. My forehead looks and feels a bit uneven and I believe this to be rolling scars. Can anyone advise ume please?

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I use a pomade called tepezcohuite for dark spots and red marks. The pomade is amazing. It really helps heal quicker red spots and dark spots to help them return back to the natural color of the skin. Also this pomade helps get rid of acne by speeding up the healing process and it also makes the oil and sebum rise to the surface quicker which means the skin can heal even more quickly. I had a huge red spot on my face from a cystic pimple and it went away completely in a week by applying the pomade. The only thing I dont like about the pomade is that it leaves your skin looking oily since it isn't absorbed, but trust me when I tell you the pomade is amazing.

Info on tepezcohuite: Tepezcohuite comes from a plant found mostly in Brazil and Mexico. This pomade is so amazing that after the earthquake that struck Mexico in the 1980s, the pomade and cream were used to treat peoples injuries. The pomade is good to treat eczema, acne, dark spots, cuts, etc.

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