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Hey guys, I've had some pretty bad pimples around my mouth for ages now. I've ember found a way to get rid of them!!! I've tried most to all things that you could possibly buy at pharmacies and still they have not gone away. Are there any medications that are made for acne around the mouth/lips. Or do you guys know any thing I could buy to make it work. Thanks!


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First post!

I have a similar problem with acne around my mouth, and while obviously I'm new here and desperately in need of advice myself here are a few suggestions to avoid aggravating it/making it worse:

1) Avoid greasy/sticky foods, or eat them very carefully with a ton of napkins available. I've noticed that when I'm messily eating something like pizza or wings I tend to get a ton of little blackheads and/or whiteheads all around my mouth, which as you know is a horrible feeling.

2) Exercise caution when applying any sort of lip product (balm, treatment, gloss, lipstick, etc). Some of the worst pimples I've had around my mouth have come from me clumsily getting Chapstick or gloss outside of my lip area and not noticing it for a few hours.

3) KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR MOUTH. Make a strong effort not to rub/touch/poke at your mouth or area around your mouth, EVEN if you feel like new pimples are sprouting and you want to check for them while you're not in front of a mirror.

4) Be very careful about slathering on creams and/or acne treatments. I've had pimples right at the corners of my mouth that I've made way worse by dumping tons of Clearasil cream all over it with no regard for human life - your skin may start cracking and become red and inflamed, which in my experience will make the acne worse.

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Use AHA, salyilic acid and benzoyl peroxide all together. Aha/BHA can be used in cleanser. Had same problem, for 2 years, used all those products but never together. Thought it was hormonal. Clear as fuk now.

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ive suffered from this acne around my lips and mouth for 10 years never found a solution, spent thousands on different things, been on the acne.org regimen for 5 years took every antibiotic available. I get them right on the edge of the lip so they are impossible to treat, i have like 6 now they start off as a red mark get a little sore then form a whitehead and then im left with a red mark for months my mouth looks like a mess. I.dont use chapstick, i tried flouride free toothpaste, i tried every solution that you would see all over the net but cant stop getting them on the lipline. Used electric razors all different types spent hundreds and then switched to wet shaving and still the same. Start thinking it was staph or perioral dermatitis doctor says it isnt, i have acne on chest and back not too bad and not too bad on my face but around my mouth and lips is the problem area, im desprate for a solution.Ive an appointment for the derm in a few months so i took pictures of how it looks, doctor gave me doxy and skinoren which is azelaic acid ive never tried it so on that now a few days but it doesnt solve my problem i cant put treatment or creams on my lips because that area is sensitive and it just makes it worse. im quitting the regimen because bp has stopped working for me. Ive tried healthy diets no carbs or gluten to no avail and ive come to a conclusion that these spots are caused by stress/hormones and tiredness or when your immune system is run down at least for me anyway. Im constantly stressing about my skin i always have and wish i could turn the stress off. This acne is really embarassing because it looks like i have herpes so i avoid all social situations until they clear, i went 6 weeks without getting one on my lips not so long back and the past two weeks ive been getting them every day.

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I was getting small, puss filled white heads around my lips. Like on the edge of my lips/skin. I was getting a new one DAILY. some of them were on my chin also. Was also getting cystic acne on my chin and near my mouth. I did some research and discovered that cetaphil gentle cleanser and the cetaphil wipes I was using both have sodium lauryl sulfate in them. I had switched to a SLS free toothpaste over a year ago because it irritated my mouth (gave me canker sores). Well, I stopped using the two cetaphil products and for the first time in a long time I woke up in the morning without a new zit around my mouth. I now use the cetaphil daily facial cleanser (SLS free-different than gentle cleanser) and Simple makeup removing wipes and haven't had a new one around my mouth since! Not sure why there's an irritant in a GENTLE wash and wipes. But glad I figured it out. Thought this might be helpful to some. Also, make sure you're toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate free. Just read the infredients on the box. Most Sensodyne is SLS free. That's what I use.

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