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Hey Guys,

I was wondering what type of razor you guys use when shaving. I know electric razors are the best for us but I want to get a closer shave. Would you recommend triple, double, or single blade razors? Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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I've used Gillette CUSTOMPLUS® PIVOT DISPOSABLE RAZOR and Gillette Trac II Plus. They both work great. Twin-blade razors seem to work best on acne-prone skin.

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I use a safety razor like this one: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Merkur_34_silber.jpg

I can only dissuade from cartridge razors, for the following reasons:
– They are a rip-off, because the cartidges are overpriced and incompatible to other models.
– They are of low material quality, rubber and plastic, and thus look ugly and break easier than safety rasors, which are of pure metal.
– The marketing and product policy is ridiculous in view of the lurid product names, the advertisement of utterly useless and counter productive features, and the frequent model changes that are solely meant to increase sales. I would feel like a fool if I adhered to that.
– They just do not work properly. Their flexible heads are are very counterproductive
and make it hard to reach difficult angles, and it is nearly impossible to shave over uneven skin bumps with out cutting
them. The use of multiple razors is unclear to me, as I get the best result with a single one. Some cartridges contain a lubricant
that is nasty and does not nearly last as long as the razor is sharp.
– The worst thing: The lubricant gives me major breakout; it probably was the worst source of breakouts, even worse than tensids in shampoo.
Besides comedones, the lubricant caused razor burn and bad infections of the slightest cuts.

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Triple blade razors seem to work very good for men with sensitive skin. Try MACH3® SENSITIVE RAZOR BLADES from Gillette.

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