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What Conditions Would You Never Trade Moderate To Severe Acne And Scarring For?

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I think that any of us who suffers from moderate to severe acne and scarring can use some optimistic thinking. Sometimes, this involves putting things in perspective. I certainly am not trying to ignore the fact that we do suffer because of our condition.

In one of my other threads, I made a short list of 5 conditions that I would never trade severe acne/later scarring for. Honestly if I had one of those conditions, I would not know how I could live... However, people with those conditions somehow do find a way.

I would never want to have these conditions instead of severe acne/scarring: 1) blindness, 2) muscular dystrophy, 3) Down syndrome, 4) quadriplegia, 5) cystic fibrosis, 6) the conditions that Penny Loker has, etc.

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Wow. I just watched a video about a boy with a very bad skin condition. Honestly, watching and hearing what he said has helped put things in perspective for me concerning how much I am worried about my acne scarring...


That's a very inspiring video. The boy in the video is a fighter and I can just imagine what life would be like if I was him... We truly need to focus on all the positive things in our lives as the boy articulates in the video. We need to surpass all the negativity...

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