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Share How I Manage My Acne Holistically And Naturally

I have been getting acne since I was 14. It has been around 8 years now, I am getting struggling with acne. Now, I am sharing how I manage my acne naturally and holistically, my face is getting better from before I changed my lifestyle.

I will make points to get better ideas how I solve my acne problem. And I am getting my face much better now.

Before 8 started to learn what causing acne, and learn holistic and natural ways of treating acne. I had been tried all stuff and any creams, acne scar removal cream, but they didn't work. It just temporary works, they will appear when you stay at your bad habit diet. Acne is a sign that your body is in imbalance. Because you eat much sugar, gluten, caffein, or any toxic from processed modern foods or any foods that make you alergy and causing acne. Acne is caused by many factors, your hormonal imbalance, bad lifestyle habit, and genetics. So, when your body got a lot of toxins inside, your body will try to heal themself by remove the toxibs from any organ. Skin is toxins removal organ, and when bacteria on your face and toxin, also clogged pore mixed up, it will appear whats called acne. So acne is sign from your body that your body needs treatment from inside. The main solution is to change your diet habit. Try this steps diet life style for 2 months, and see the improvements of your skin. :)

I was moderate/severe acne sufferer, but now my face healed itself without any creams, or pills that take a lot of your money. Just change your life style and stick to it and your body will also get a lot healty as much as your face will much better. I hope this post can help anyone who want to clear acne naturally and holistically.

Diet Change

1. Cut off foods and drinks that have high glucomic index.

For Carbs : I eat carbs that have low glucomic index like sweet potato, and brown rice. And I eat those a little every day and avoid eat those carbs so much on one day. Or in a day I don't eat carbs and change it to protein sources like tofu and tempeh. If I can I will avoid fried tofu and tempeh and prefer those foods boiled to avoid oil.

I used to eat white rice, but it is high glucomic index and it can cause your sugar blood to spike.

For Sweet Foods : I avoid candies, all sweet processed foods, gluten foods like cake, and cookies and all fried snacks.

Drinks : I drink lemonade water on the early morning just after I wake up. And then after that 1 hour or so, drink cup of green tea. I drink green tea 3 cups everyday.

Also drink water as much you need to, mineral water to avoid dehydration, around 5-8 cup a day.

For lunch : Eat fruits that contains fiber like papaya, melon, and banana before you eat lunch. I usually skip breakfast to clean up my stomach and just ate fruits and drink waters. In lunch diet, I usually eat vegetables and protein foods. Avoid any spicy foods and oily/fried foods as much as possible.

Try broccoli in your daily diet, I know most people avoid it because it stingy. But it incredible for your skin!!!

Also, green vegetables are so much helpful to your skin and acne/acne acars are fading. Your face will look better and much stable.

Not dry but smooth.

Get many vegetable portion 7 : 3 on a plate. Drink green tea again, and a cup of water.

For snacks : Try to eat 2-3 raw cucumber, 1-2 raw tomatoes, and raw carrots everyday.

Or you can mix it/juice those healty snacks instead eating junk foods. You will get much benefit and much improvement on your face.

When you are hungry, and you are lazy to cook. Eat banana 2 or three or as much you want to but don't eat too much. Avoid your stomach bloated.

For dinner : Eat dinner 4 hours before go to sleep. Eat only vegetable, and low carbs or change it with protein.

Or don't eat heavy foods after 8 PM.

Manage stress : Keep happy, avoid staring your acne in a mirror for long. It will not get away when you just staring it. It will get you stressed more. Leave it be and be happy and believe that acne will fade away when you get actions and change life style and it needs time.

Get Meditation : Read books about positive things, or you can have yoga or meditate yourself. Get 15 minutes in a day to feel better.

Clean your environment : Don't mess up your surrounding and keep it tidy to avoid more stressed.

Do your activity well : Don't stress with your activity, try to enjoy your current jobs or study although its not your passion. Just do your best, and time will be pass by. Get it done, and don't procrastinate.

Get Religious : Try to keep in touch with our religions, or keep the minds well.

Taking care your face and body : Treat your face smoothly, don't treat it harsh. Avoid any thick make up, also clean your face when you done with make up. I usually clear my face before go to sleep with moisturizer and milk cleanser.

When you take bath, try to avoid any shampoo on your face. Take bath cleanly. Use any face cleanser/foam 2 times in a day. Everytime your face is wet, use any dry face tissue to wipe out water instead using towel. It will keep your face hiegine. When your bare face oily, keep it dry with tissue.

Sleep for at least 7 hours in a day. Get rest and don't over do your activity. Your skin needs to develop and renew.

Drink a cup of green tea before bed.

I also keep these things in my daily life, and my face are getting better.

For acne scar treatment : Use lemon and scrub it on your face after wake up, rinse with water and dry it with tissue.

For the night : Use white egg, honey, and lemon then mix it well and apply on your face before bed around 15 minutes or so.

Your face will get smooth. Or you can apply tomatoes or cucumber slice to your face. Then rinse it with water.

So much to do, but you need dedication, patient, and keep happy and avoid stress to get your goal. Get rid of acnes and get clearer skin!!! Acne and acne scars will go away in time.

Hope this post helpful. Keep strong acne sufferers! And deal with acne, and don't get your feeling down because of acne!

Edited by Oichi

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