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Derma [Roller]/[Stamp] For A Dubious Med Student

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Hello DermWorld,

I am a 30-yo male. I've always had low-grade puritic acne (at least since obvious puberty at age 11-12-- 1.5 yr "obvious acne" before pub [Tanner 3ish]), but self-treated with pressured expulsion and OTC face creams. I accidentally recieved a facial abrasion "just the right tip of my nose" (>1cm in diameter) due to a ####ing roadhog while riding my bike in the the SC mountains.


That's all very unremarkable... To make this interesting, I'm considering a dermaroller or a derma "stam."

Also, I'm a med student... so I'm slightly reticent to go with something outside my derm advisor's advise (wait 2 months, get laser treatment, yada yada yada..). Have any of you with physical trauma to the nose had success with these products?

Obviously the best option for a dermatologist is to perform laser derm treatment above what my insurance can pay, but could something else that can reach the basal lamina of my nose do the trick?

To make it relevant, to this site.... could the same treatment be used on my large pores? Aside from this acute issue, I've been seeking advice on reliable long-term "pore shrinker" topical treatments.



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Apparently the nose doesn't always react favorably to skin needling, not that you seem to need it since I'm guessing your issue is scar tissue as opposed to atrophy. I'd consider doing a deep peel before trying the laser.

As for pores, the only clinically-validated solution for permanently shrinking them seems to be the TCA CROSS method, though even that may occasionally make some wider.

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