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Sharing And Asking For Your Opinion, Guys

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Hello everyone,

former acne sufferer here, I'm 29 now, and I've been having problems with acne ever since I was 16 or so.

Irony was it started getting worse after my teen years, and worse. to this day, although I don't break out anymore, the scars are very much there and visible (one of the reasons I started wearing a beard). Nothing I can do about my forehead, though :).

I started getting better when I made small changes in my diet (less sugar, no fried stuff etc); much more complex than that, but I don't wanna make this a looong post; that really worked for me.

I wanna start a blog (not only acne-related, more of a "empowerment" and "getting through struggle"kinda of a thing) and I wanted to ask, what would you say is the most important thing to you about curing acne?

and if you were to be honest, is there something else, even more important?

like for me the first answer was getting rid of this f$%#*)%g thing on my face ; sorry, I still get frustrated :)) but there was an even bigger wish, and that was to be able to feel good about myself, and maybe, just maybe have the guts to ask a girl out. yep, I know, lame. that's how it was back then. somewhat better now, but I wouldn't say I'm exactly Mr. Confidence.

any and all replies would be appreciated, guys.

may you all have a zero breakouts day :)

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Great post friend. I've been reading some of the posts in the Lifestyle...emotional/psychological effects of acne forum and the whole issue of how acne affects our confidence and relationships with the opposite sex is a biggie. I went through a similar experience to you and have an early teen son now I've been pondering this question...what can you say to help as a lot of guys have a confidence issue when it comes to interacting with girls.

I was a stereotypical nerd at high school with unfashionable glasses, a bad haircut and acne to top it all off so I wasn't a confident kid! A lot of guys have talked about how shallow girls are and won't look at guys with acne....at the time I would have agreed.... but the girls on the forum tend to disagree and now so do I. Looking back there were girls that would have dated me but I was caught up in the movie/pop culture dream of dating the popular blonde that 4 out of every 5 guys also wanted.

My advice is to just focus on being yourself and finding something that you enjoy doing whether that's career, study, music (like me), theatre, volunteer at the animal shelter, play sport, help the elderly cross the road. This kind of stuff helps you feel better about yourself and makes you more interesting to other people and gives you a basis on which to form relationships. Confidence comes with time, for some it's a longer journey than for others. Back when I was a teen, if I hadn't felt insecure about my acne I would have felt equally insecure about some other aspect of my appearance. Nowadays I still have some of that old insecurity but I'm a lot more comfortable in my skin and confident and happy with my life.

Find your own joy, know yourself better, be kind to others and friendly and open to people around you and in time you will find all the things you seek. Life is a journey and the more torturous your path, the more interesting you will be in the end.

Anyway, hope that helps someone somewhere in some little way. Good luck to you all :comfort:

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thanks for your thoughts, Jazzguy. I appreciate you taking the time, and the mature perspective. So you're saying that people CAN live with acne quite confidently, it's just a matter of perspective?

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Hey Munteanu, yeah, I'm not saying it's easy but yes....and finding a partner isn't easy even for a lot of people without acne...you like her but she's not interested romantically is a commonplace scenario for everyone (and for the girls too!)....but keep putting yourself out there being yourself and doing whatever it is that you like doing. The more people you meet the more chance of meeting someone special. Strike up a conversation with someone you want to meet. The first couple of times are the scariest but nobody ever achieved anything worthwhile without taking a chance.

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