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I've been suffering from back acne (which looks mild) for about a year now. I don't remember how it started, but I believe it could be because I used to wait about an hour after my workout to shower (I guess all that oil clogged my pores). I've been using proactive's 3 step system for a while but it never completely cleared up my back. I did some research and decided to try using Head and Shoulders shampoo a few weeks ago, since it worked for many people. Now I've noticed that my pimples have shrunk, and I'm left with these tiny pimples all over my back. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can clear the rest up? I don't have much experience with acne but I think some of it could be scars. Thanks! (Btw this pic was taken today)post-486445-0-75844900-1440377180.jpg

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I've managed to clear up all of these little scars/pimples (with the exception of one or two). Here's what I did:

1. I stopped using head and shoulders because I'm almost positive it clogged my pores

2. I started using Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Wash (the orange one not the grapefruit). I just put some on my hands and rub my back with it during every shower and rinse with cold water

3. I'm not sure if this is helping, but it's doesn't hurt to try. I read that someone takes vitamin c orally to clear up their bacne. I've been taking 250 mg every day.

That's basically my routine. Also I've been trying to avoid loose fitting clothing and I shower immediately after I workout.

Good luck everyone!

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Hello, i found article about Back Acne, you can read this article about
5 Back Acne Home Remedies that are Safe and Effective

Since you are having back acne, surely home remedies would be natural healing you are demanded, as you need to hide body over many occasions due to reason of ashamed and won’t wear such backless dress or teeny tiny bikini, become main reason as you need to hide your back acne. Surely by this reason you need certain best acne remedies that could make you better and skip your ashamed feeling, restoring beautiful of your back skin, by these 5 best back acne home remedies you can to count on.

Tea Tree Oil

The certain one advantage of using back acne home remedies, you can actually reducing damage to skin, since the tea tree oil will acted as benzoyl peroxide, and to apply this home remedy, just squeeze about 5 to 6 drops tea tree oil onto water where washcloth soaked there. After that due apply that cloth over your back skin in such small circular motion.

Scrub from Rice & Lemon Juice

Probably you will be a bit apprehensive in using scrubs over delicate back skin, but this is would be good back acne home remedies as it containing acidic benefits of the lemon itself. By simply mixing ground rice also juice of two lemons just before you rub over you back acne area.

Olive Oil

The olive oil become one certain soothing back acne home remedies over that itchy problem, by certain doing of applying with wet cloth and also help from back scratcher for ensure all spots already covered. At first, you may pour single tablespoon olive oil onto cloth then apply that just after you done in treating back acne area by certain mention other back acne home remedies here. Just allow that olive oil to soak about 1 to 2 minutes then you may use dry cloth for wiping away excess oil there.

The Oatmeal Mask

This can be a tasty cover up that will perform miracles for the back again. Very first, prepare oatmeal and permit this in order to be cool. Next, put in a tea spoon associated with honey after which use the actual blend on the back again. Clean the back right after twenty moments along with chilly drinking water and the surplus natural oils leading to your own acne breakouts is going to be eliminated.

Tomato Mask

Tomato vegetables are utilized frequently within the preparing associated with back acne home remedies as they are full of nutritional vitamins A as well as C that help within tightening the dimensions of skin pores. Blend tomato fruit juice along with fullers, refreshing great mint leaf fruit juice plus some yogurt, after that use the actual blend on your back. As soon as this particular ‘mask’ dries away, wash this along with warm water.

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