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Help! Clueless About My Acne Type And Jojoba Oil Breakout

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I'm new to this forum but have occassionally came across with discussions here when searched other acne/skin problem related things from the net.

I started jojoba oil to my regimen some 2/3 weeks ago. I read many articles where people have praised the oil and finally decided to give it a try since my then current regimen didn't really help with the forehead/large pore problem/oiliness. When my 3rd week of jojoba oil use started my forehead was a mess and is still (ofc). I stopped it 3 days ago because I got scared it would get even worse. I have had this bumpy-like texture on my forehead quite some time already, large-ish pores and some barely visible blackheads. I don't know is the condition called closed comedones. I have battled with skin problems/acne since junior high. My skin broke out badly at the age of 14-15 (can't remember exact). Previously I've had perfect skin. I am now 24 and I still battle with oily skin and its wonderful "side effects". T-zone is the oiliest. My cheeks are pretty clear/normal (some mild light scars). I have some blackheads and large-ish pores on nose area also. Scars/hyperpigmentation/scars that linger (those reddish/brownish ones) on the jaw area. Occassional mild breakouts occur in the jaw area every month before/after period. I have gone through several hundreds products and back then in my teens a dermatologist prescribed me a mild capsule-like drug which name I cannot remember anymore, to my acne. I had to stop it though after a month due to side effects. I haven't taken any acne medication since 'cause they are toxic.

Anyways, my problem is now the forehead that looks like crap. I have read similar kind of effects on people who have used jojoba oil. However, I can't seem to find an answer whether they have stopped using the oil after their horrible breakout (I assume it's the purging process?) or continued the use. Is it an allergic reaction or is it about the so called purging? I feel down because of it. My forehead was way better that it's now. I started Differin on to it yesterday evening (16th of August). As I told ahead, I stopped the jojoba 3 days ago. Should I continue the jojoba oil so that the gunk under my skin comes out and bear the bumps, red pimples/whiteheads and shit. Please someone who has used the same oil, tell me your experience and what have you done to tolerate the "purging"?


I used the jojoba oil first as a moisturizer (felt greasy underneath (?) but skin was dry) but it wasn't enough moisturizing and dried out my skin/made it flaky so I used it with a moisturizer. Then week 2 I started to use it only as a cleanser for my whole face and followed with a foam wash. I then already noticed some whiteheads/bumps. On week 3 my forehead "erupted" to those tiny bumps/pimples/whiteheads and now it looks just horrible.

I'm kind of clueless now.

Should you know that I am using Clarisonic Mia 2 and changed my Sensai Cleansing gel + mud soap (foaming) some weeks ago to the Clarisonic's sample Refreshing gel cleanser. I have used the double cleansing method (oil+foam etc.) i.e. Koreans use. The gel seems to be a bit drying. I also used Clinique's dramatically different moisturizimg gel for about a week or two but stopped it 'cause I thought it caused me the breakout. I took back my Sensai II emulsion and softening lotion with the above products/regimen.

I am on a search of a new regimen and maybe leaving oils at bay. I've considered Mario Badescu and Renee Rouleau but haven't puchased any yet. Has anyone here have any experience of those products?

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Hey there,

I started getting acne a couple of months ago and am on a modified caveman regimen. The only thing I do to my skin is dampen my face and rub in a small amount of jojoba oil. I have been doing this for around 1 and a half weeks and I think I, too, am going through the 'purge.' Everywhere on my face there is a small tiny whitehead or bump and in specific lighting my skin looks dreadful but in other lighting it looks okay. It is really hard to look in the mirror and tolerate it and opposite my desk is a mirror and the lighting is just perfect and I can see every tiny little pimple. I used to have perfect skin and every time I contemplate quitting using jojoba oil I just think about how in two weeks or so, it should clear up. I hope that everything went well for you.

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hey there

I am afraid that using jojoba oil you will have to tolerate the purging phase throughout the first month or two, as someone who works at a spa, I have been recommended jojoba oil by many of the therapists there and I have also asked about the effects of it at my dermatologist. they also recommended it too. if you have oily skin this is best because the chemical makeup of jojoba oil is very similar to the chemical makeup of you sebum that your sebaceous glands in your skin produce, therefore this oil/wax actually tricks your skin into thinking that it overproducing oil, which is therefore unbalancing your skin and clogging your pores. this is why you will have to go through the purging period as when you first apply jojoba oil you are actually putting 'more oil' on your skin, the chemical makeup of the oil will have the same effect as if you are actually originally overproducing that much oil through your sebaceous glands and therefore can clog your pores. however this constant production of pimples and overproduction of oil will eventually make your skin balance itself out as the jojoba oil also contains healing vitamins and fats that will promote your skin to heal itself. Jojoba oil also contains a balanced amount of oleic and linoleic acid, this means that applying this to your skin will also have a balancing effect over time. so the trick is you will just have to wait it out and see what happens.

however if you have waited over 2 months for your skin to clear up, I do suggest to try and change the amount you are using because if you are using too much it may still have that 'too much sebum' effect on your skin causing it to continue breaking out. also if that doesn't work immediately stop using it and conduct a small patch test as you may be allergic to it.

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