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Hi my names Han and I'm 16.

I've never had perfect skin but since about March my skin has broken out horrendously. I'm so self conscious and some days I can't even bring myself to look in the mirror and going outside without makeup is a no no. I just feel ugly and worthless and I really just want to not care about what anyone thinks and to feel confident despite my god awful skin. It's so hard when I don't know anyone around me with skin issues . I really just want some advice and someone who knows what I'm going through :(

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Hey! Acne f*cking sucks tbh and i know exactly how you feel. I started breaking out when I was in 7th grade and everyone else had clear skin, I felt really embarrassed and didnt even want to get out of the house, I even cried at the dermatologist.....twice. Yes, my acne was that bad. But I realized that acne wasn't the absolute worst thing in the world. At the dermatologist office, I saw so many people that had WAY worse skin than i had, literally they had deep holes in their face and it was all over their face. Yikes! It can always get worse though. What I did to get rid of my acne was this (but as you know, everyones skin is different). Cut out dairy, seriously it helps alot, don't over-wash your face (just wash it two times a day, in the morning and night), I recommend you go to a dermatologist if you haven't already because it does help alot. Don't eat fast food, greasy things etc....drink more water and just try to eat a bit more healthier. And you should never feel ugly just because of acne cuz I bet you are gorgeous even with acne. My friend has acne too and every guy likes her at school, she is really pretty but the acne isnt getting in her way of living her life. And if you want makeup/moisturizer that doesn't break you out I think you should use:

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Makeup (you can find it literally anywhere, I got mine from Walgreens)-http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/neutrogena-skinclearing-oil-free-liquid-makeup/ID=prod5430767-product

This is also good for acne: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/shop-by-line/tea-tree/tea-tree-3-step-skin-care-routine.aspx

Hope I helped love xoxo

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It does seem like everyone else other than us has perfect skin, doesn't it? I feel that way too. And I'm sure a lot of people in here knows what it's like to feel the way you do. Know that you're not alone and it's more common than you think.

As for advice, I'm not sure what worked for me will work for you. Everyone seems to react differently to different treatments. But I personally found a lot of improvement from cutting down on dairy and processed food. It is worth a shot if you believe diet may be linked to your acne. Keep on trawling through the different threads in this forum to get different perspectives and ideas. And I hope one day you're able to look in the mirror and realize you're beautiful and deserve to be confident no matter what your skin is like. :)

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Hello :)

It's already been said but it's so true it really does feel like you are so alone sometimes battling this. But know you're not alone and we're all here for the same reason.

I'm the same as you with regards to make up, I can only dream of going to grab some groceries quick!! Because I know I have to sit and apply my foundation etc lol it sucks. You deserve to feel amazing and beautiful whether you have 1 pimple, 10 pimples or 0 pimples because you are. Confidence wise I live by the expression "fake it til you make it". To others I am seen as loud, fun, confident etc but I know I am shy and self concious but telling myself I DESERVE to be happy and have fun works. I mean it took foreeeeever but I finally believe it. Advice wise, I agree with the other posts look into diet related things like dairy and sugar. Reading all over these forums for actual treatments has given me the regimen I use now and my face is clearing up more snd more every week. I truly hope you find your way and be happy in yourself because you deserve it :)

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I feel you, especially right now. My skin has hit an all time low

If there's one thing I could say to myself if I wasn't me would be to just.. live. Things could be so much worse. Life throws is these things because it knows that we're gonna overcome it and eventually help others with it. Your 16, that's such a young age to be concentrating on this, the thing is, everyone has an imperfection..everyone. if we never had imperfections we would boring as hell and not unique.

It will get better, I promise.

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