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Does Anyone Know What Is Up With My Moisturizer/face?

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I have been using Simple's Replenishing Rich Moisturizer (US version) for about 2 years now because it's easily accessible/cheap. However, recently within the past year I have been using more and more because I don't feel like it's really hydrating my dry areas all that well. When I look back it honestly may have been making my skin more oily. I used to use a gel moisturizer from Clinique and I was never this oily. I have combo skin so it is a nightmare finding one that is thick enough for my dry areas but not make me oily in the T-zone! I think I'm going to switch because I just can't take it anymore. It's just performing poorly. I was thinking of switching to First Aid Beauty's new gel moisturizer. It seemed moisturizing but lightweight or I may try Olay's moisturizing lotion for sensitive skin. I also have sensitive skin that reacts easily.

I just don't get why this moisturizer isn't hydrating my skin that well, considering is actually quite thick and formulated for drier skin? I'm thinking its just sitting on my skin which is my skin isn't feeling hydrated? I'm thinking that's the reason I have some clogs too.. It's probably just sitting there and then causing small clogs by suffocating my skin.

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i try to stay away from drugstore products because they dont have very good stuff in them and theyre not very emollient. i like serums way better. they dont just sit on your skin and i find natural ones are the way to go. hyaluronic acid is one of my favorites. if you can get to a whole foods store they carry a brand called mychelle which has some nice serums. or any serums in the section might be worth checking out.

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