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Think Their's Any Hope For My Skin?

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I'm currently 8 months pregnant and my skin has never been this bad, I'm on low dose cephelexin and doing the regamin but it continues to get worse, any advice? I feel like i'm going to need accutane after breastfeeding. I have so much scarring and hyperpigmentation and I've only just recently turned 18.post-466479-0-69719100-1438718070.jpgpost-466479-0-45493900-1438717561.jpg

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Hey girl! First off, congratulations on your pregnancy! What a wonderful time in your life. I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with acne... you are not alone (remember that!) First off, in my experience I cannot do the Dan regimen that is posted here on acne.org... i've found (as many others have) that using drying cleanser and lots of BP cause my skin to become very dry, which in turn creates more acne. When you reduce the sebum (oil) on your skin over and over again, you are drying out your skin and your body freaks out -- creating more oil, which leads to an overproduction of oil, which leads to more acne. There is very fine line in using just enough BP and not going overboard with it too.

I have found great results using very mild products that not only treat acne but also balance your skins pH levels and keep your skin hydrated. I use Eminence Organic Skin Care and I can't say enough good things about it. The Clear Skin Probiotic Masque is a life savor. I realize that so many people on here have their "fix" and their "cure all" but I can't stress enough how important it is to use high-quality products on the largest organ in your body (your skin!)

What kind of diet do you have? Also, what kind of make up do you use? Have you always had acne or is it a new thing for you?

Accutane could work, but generally this type of medication is used for very severe acne -- yours looks moderate. But you may be able to get a rx for it. I would try everything else in the world before going on accutane. I would do some research and read reviews of accutane users before jumping the gun.

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Thank you so much for the kind worded reply, i've always gotten the occasional pimple or cyst but ever since I got pregnant it's constant with no hope in sight. My diet i've tried modifying, switched to almond milk, eating a lot more fruits and veggies. I wakeup and have a glass of lemon water everyday, green tea throughout the day. I've recently been considering the water only caveman regamin because dans regamin has only seemed to make things worse, been on it for about 2 1/2 months now. Taking fish oil, evening primrose, zinc, vitamin d and a prenatal. The makeup im using has salicylic acid in it, i don't really expect it to help much just thought it wouldn't make it worse.

I would love to try the skincare you use but not sure if my budget will allow it. I never thought anyone would call my acne moderate, the cysts i get are huge and usually they start off as a tiny clogged pore, then just decide to go out of control and last for months regardless if i touch them or not. :(

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Being pregnant as you know, your hormones are experiencing new things -- don't beat yourself up too much about it... I know that is easier said then done. It sounds like you are taking all the right supplements. Have you considered seeing a Naturopath? They have some great remedies for acne that can be used while pregnant. For instance, people can get really bad breakouts when they are dealing with an overproduction of Candida yeast. Basically this means that your gut flora (your digestive track) is out of whack and producing far more yeast then it should. I suggest trying the probiotic I take; FloraMend by Thorne... it's human strain, meaning it contains no dairy ingredients (most probiotics are made from cow strains) You can also order samples of the Eminence Skin Care at http://www.eminenstore.com/product/masques-samples/ and http://www.eminenstore.com/product/samples/ and http://www.eminenstore.com/product/moisturizers-samples/ -- I highly suggest getting a sample of the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque... one application and you will seriously see a reduction in hyperpigmentation. If you can only budget one product from Eminence this is the one you want. You can do it everyday and it will not dry you out.

I would look into the Candida issue, you can do some research online about it... If you eat a diet high in carbs, you are more likely to develop an overproduction of this type of yeast.

I would also suggest removing all forms of dairy from your diet -- that's good you switched to almond, much healthier for you! But try to eliminate cheese, butter, and every little thing that contains dairy!

I wouldn't suggest the caveman diet because you can spread bacteria more easily this way; which is not good for you nor your baby. I would continue working with mild products and less drying products.

I recently purchased Origins Charcoal Masque and their SA spot treatment, both are great and more cost friendly then the Eminence line... Although if you can find anyway to get Eminence, do!

Good work on the lemon water, it's very detoxing! Try to incorporate Matcha Green Tea and Dandelion Root Tea (taste terrible) but its very detoxing for your skin and liver. Chinese medicine believes the skin and liver are intertwined, so keeping one healthy benefits the skin.

Sorry to ramble on and on, just want to help you :)

Keep your head up <3

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