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Extreme Burning Sensation While Using Duac And Differin

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Hi, all. I'm using both Duac and Differin mixed together in equal parts and applying them on my face at night. After using the products for about two weeks, I've started to experience a severe burning sensation while using them. I don't know which one causes it, but it feels like my face is on fire, and it doesn't stop stinging for at least an hour! I use all of my medicine primarily for my back, but also my chest and arms. My face is the only part of my body that experiences pain while using this, I presume because it is more sensitive. When I use other things on my face, now, it burns as well. Things like sunscreen, my pure BP wash and other topical products, and makeup remover wipes all sting my skin, admittedly less than the medication itself, though. My friend is telling me that it burned her at first, but with continued use, her skin got used to it. I can't imagine how she would have continued to use it if it stung so badly, though! Has anyone else experienced this feeling while on these medications? Will it eventually go away or should I discontinue use?

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I would heed this stinging as it could be a sign of sensitivity. You may want to use only one product or start using them less frequently. My biggest regret was continuing on BP even when my skin wasn't responding well. A year + later and my skin has yet to recover.

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