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Hello my name is Brittany....

I am 22, African-American female and this is how I cleared my acne.

All through high school I had clear skin. My breakouts didn't start until I turned 20 and from there my acne became horrible!

I always suffered from back acne (it runs in the family) but it wasn't severe. I didn't worry much about it.

As I started getting older it would clear up (especially with me being heavily active in sports)

Once I turned 20. The whiteheads on my nose were the only acne that I started to see. I added make-up which of course made it worse. As time went on, I'd get acne on my forehead and around my lips. Very tiny nothing major.

It started with black heads. Only on my forehead and weren't noticeable. The whiteheads on my nose were the problem and everytime I tried to clean it. My nose would bruise! (I mean seriously bruise, like a hickey on my nose) "Yikes" do not squeeze whiteheads out of your nose lol

Bad idea

Anyways long story short, I was 21 in a relationship and BOOM! My acne was gradually increasing. I blame it on the stress lol

So from there my acne got worse. My eating habits were pretty bad too! Make-Up was the only thing I did to hide it...

BAD BAD BAD Business

Here I am 22, Acne on my jaw line, chin, cheeks, and forehead. My nose had cleared up though

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