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Nose Pimple And Cheek Pimple Popped.. Will They Scar?

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Hallo, this is only my 2nd thread on acne.org.

Recently my worst fear came to reality, a nose pimple (albeit a small one). I did what most people would advise (didn't try to pop it) fast forward about a week and the pimple was completely white/yellowish at the top but it was also hard like a scab but not a scab, so I figured It would be safe to remove it because all the puss had become solid right? But no. when i took it off I could see some remaining liquid pus, so I squeezed it a little (not wanting to leave it open with puss sitting there) and a TINY bit of puss came out and just a very very small (not even a drop) of blood too..

I'm afraid i've done the wrong thing and it will scar :( I only removed it because I thought it was safe to do so if the white/yellow stuff had become hard instead of soft and tender like it was a few days ago..

Sorry, I know this is long..

I had ANOTHER similarly sized pimple on my right cheek, so once again I refused to pop it until it was HARD but the pimple had other ideas. It popped whilst I was asleep despite all my efforts to sleep on my other side, so by the time I woke up the puss had become hardened and was hanging loose from where the pimple was. So, I removed it.

Will I scar?? It seems that even when I don't pop them AT ALL my pimples still leave red marks.....

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Okay. I recommend not popping your pimples. But no they won't scar.

Those red marks you see go away with time.

Put neosporin or Vaseline over the popped pimple to prevent infections. They should heal up.

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