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Pranayama Would Help Acne! Give It 7 Days And Decide For Yourself.

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Dan's regimen is qiute okay and the best part about it is that it opens your eyes to "being gentle to your skin is of utmost importance". But all these things are for the outer skin. It won't help much if you are not treating from the inside. Try Pranayama. Pranayma breathing exercises would do wonders for your skin. Whether you have mild, moderate or severe acne...or even stubborn whiteheads!! The whiteheads would stop flaring up and turninf into a big pimple instead they would dry out and come outta your skin on their own.

The best part is Pranayama wont cost you any money. Just google it! It would even give you other health benefits. pranayama even helps my sinus allergy. Its wonderfull. My pranyama regimen is :

3-4 minutes of Bhastrika pranayama

15 minutes Kapalbhati pranayama

10 minutes anulom vilom

and even a bit of bahya pranayama

TRY this twice a day for 1 week to see results

I request you to try it. If you dont you wont know what you'll be missing on to.

The only con is that it requires discipline and time.

but if you are desperate and depressed enough(just like i used to be) you'll know this is the thing for you.

( you may want to know this - I have been just like most of the people here. Have tried accutane, have been to dermatologists and what not but my acne always returned. I Wanted to help all the people over here as soon as i discovered what wonders pranayama yoga worked for me.)


in addition to this you should even try to exfoliate your skin with something very gentle like softened oats+lemon+honey.

DONT GIVE UP BEFORE ATLEAST A WEEK! but it wont take longer than this to give results

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looks like no one wants to take up the hard way :| ..... Unfortunately this hard way is the only one that works for me.

Accutane, antibiotics and all those drugs just worked temporarily

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Hi nchl1995, nice article..
a little info about myself...I am also a believer of treating acne holistically. I've to a lot extent improved my skin condition with diet but my irregular lifestyle and stressing over pimples , still gives me pimples. I've noticed that now it's not about hormonal imbalance. It's about my lifestyle. I want to start yoga and meditation from now on to completely heal. So, I am 4 months pregnant now, I know I can practice anulom vilom, but I want to ask u if u know this, can I still practice all others like kapalbhati and all? Please do reply ! Any help appreciated on this. 

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I cured my acne with diet. But when I started yoga my skin got much much better. Not sure you can do kapalbatti, you need to ask your doctor. 

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@nchl1995- Can you please let me know how was your acne before you started this breathing technique. like were they severe, moderate or mild? cystic or whiteheads? hormonal or non-hormonal?  You had posted this in 2015, Hows your acne now? Please please reply. Thanks a lot


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