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Ive been on accutane going on for 4 months now and my eyes are very dry.... i think they are.

Sometimes they burn and feel very heavy, they are red and sometimes some white substances sticks to my eye lashes and when I wake up I have more sleep in my eye.

Ive been using artificial tears (GenTeal, Tears Naturelle II) but I dont think its doing anything.... maybe making it worse....

Anybody have the same problem, advice?

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I'm experiencing similar dryness and redness plus itching. I don't know what to say other than keep putting on the drops...stop wearing contacts (if you wear them) and just drink plenty of water.

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Guest Craigems

They say that Accutane can cause mild conjunctivitis... Is ur stickyness very sticky? ... Also they say accutane causes dry eyes, i suggest you get some "refresh" eyedrops from your chemist, they are drops specially designed to return moisture to the eyes. Even without Accutane i always have had allergic eyes to pollen and stuff so i know what you guys are going through, Just wack 2 - 3 drops in each eye then you should be right for the rest of your day. The last thing you want is to scrach your eye with the dry skin under your eyelid think of it as lubrication smile.gif

Hope this helps. eusa_pray.gif

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I am having the same problem also. My eyes are sore - blood-shot- and when I wake up in the morning they are full of this sticky sort of substance.

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