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Reoccurring Lumps

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I've struggled with acne as a teenager. Early as an adult my skin cleared and every now and then my face would get a zit or two with the occasional breakout but nothing like it was years ago.

Lately my face is breaking out again and I've had these lumps (possible cysts?) I get on the left of my face and they don't get inflamed much if at all and are not painful but they take weeks to go away and they always seem to come back after running it's course and swelling down... it will start beside my nose then get larger and sometimes spread under my eyeline. They are large but you can't see them unless you are looking hard and they never come to a head. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what these may be and how to treat them without having to see a derm, which is what I'm leaning towards doing because they won't go away and have been lingering for about two months now. Beginning to think it's some sort of a deep infection. Don't want a Cortisone shot or any facial surgery for removal. Would prefer anti biotics if this is the case. Thanks in advance.

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The lumps sound like subdermal pimples/cysts...there are quite a few people on the forum experiencing this sort of thing where the pimple doesn't surface to give you anything tempting to pop..I've mentioned previously an acquaintance had success on this sort of thing with epiology cream but do get yourself to a doctor if the swelling under your eye becomes painful. Some antibiotics might be required...tear ducts and sinus cavities can get infections that causing swelling and discomfort too.

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