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Acne Wont Go Away/keeps Coming Back. (Photos)

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Okay, I'm a 15 year old male, so for the past year I've started to get really bad acne. I've tried my hardest to try and get rid of it by eating healthy, buying over the counter products (benzoyl peroxide 5% creams, salicylic acid gels, tree tea oil, face masks), all of which do not work and has not helped. I've been prescribed to this antibiotic called "doxycycline" which i started to taking October 2014 and stopped at the end of February in 2014. My acne did get a lot better and cleared up a lot, but a few weeks after finishing, all my acne slowly came back. I have very oily skin and wash my face daily with a gentle face cleanser, I am now back on these antibiotics and want to know if there are any other ways I can get rid of my acne for good. Yes, i know im still a teenager going through puberty, but acne is really affecting me. I get large cystic lumps underneath my skin, which can be very painful and i get pimples mostly on my cheeks and chin, and sometimes forehead. I also have a lot of black heads on my nose, which produces ALOT of oil through out the day. Is my acne severe? I really need help to get rid of it, for good.


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Hello. I understand your concern over your acne. I also feel emotionally bad about mine.

First you need to know that antibiotics doesnt cure your acne and prolongued time of use can cause damage to your body.

Secondly I think you should try the acne.org regimen it made wonders for my acne but my skin is to sensitive for it so I had to quit.

Your acne seems moderate. Have you tried to cut down dairy/sugar/gluten or even tried the paleo diet? You should know that food can have a strong link with acne. Im not saying that a diet will cure you but it can help alot.

Try to combine the acne.org regimen and reduce all bad food linked to acne. Im sure this will help you alot.


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I agree that antibiotics don't help... To be honest I don't really see why they're even prescribed! You're acne is probably moderate..

Have you been to a dermatologist? It could definately be worth a visit to maybe consider accutane before any scarring occurs or, as the user above posted, perhaps consider the regimen?

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I highly suggest trying Eminence Organic Skin Care, in particular the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque... it is worth every penny! https://eminenceorganics.com/us/product/clear-skin-probiotic-masque I also suggest trying to change your diet as well -- limit the most common food allergens; dairy, gluten, and limit meat products. Give this a go for 1-2 months. Also, remember to drink a lot of water - I am for 90-100 ounces a day. Dermatologist won't tell you that food can contribute to acne because they don't get money for that; doctors get a commission cut on writing prescriptions; sad I know! But try changing things up in your diet -- it'll be hard, but it's one of the cheapest ways to improve your over all health and your acne.

More info on diet and acne:



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