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My Skin Is Getting Worse

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I'm 19.

I eat healthy, rarely have sugar in my diet. I drink around two litres of water daily + 2 cups of green tea.

My skin has never been this bad in my life. Not even going through puberty.

I don't have cystic acne. But they're clusters of pimples, I would usually get them on my cheeks badly(still do) but now I have then all along my chin it's like a little trail. They're weepy after I squeeze them then they scab. I get about a 5cent peice diameter of redness around the pimple and it makes my skin look twice as bad. I also have like white little lumps, they aren't white heads but they are pussy if squeezed. I get blacks on my once and lip line but they aren't bad or noticeable.

I have adult eczema, so my skin is always dry. I use special face washes and sometimes when my skin is okay I'll use something stronger. I also use benzac 10% which does nothing my pimples anymore except maybe reduce the swelling slightly. I use a moisture which will tend to help my skin, and pimples. It it doesn't do much. I was my face everyday, and change my pillow cases constantly. I don't get forehead of nose pimples, maybe an odd one here and there. I also get them under and along my jaw line and down my neck near my glands. These aren't that bad either. I've been to a dermatologist but that was for my eczema and my pimples were never bad, nor are they cystic so I doubt he's aloud to proscribe me aracutaine or anything. I'm really self conscious about it.

I finished school last year, and don't have a job so I'm pretty much stress free and I never where makeup anymore now that I'm always home.

So please do help me, I don't know how to fix my skin or the cause of it.

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