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This Worked For Me, After Trying Accutane, Pill, Countless Rx's

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Just wanted to share some things that were actually effective for me. No miracles, for sure diet DEFINITELY comes into play, and for me, if I eat dairy and sugar I'm just waiting for a breakout to happen.

I got off the pill and like many women was shocked to find a lot of stubborn acne to deal with. Don't fret! And don't get back on those artificial hormones either.. (they ruined my hair and can do much worse than that)

First thing that worked for me was DIM DETOX by premier labs. I took one in the am and one in the pm and it cleared about 85% of my issues for 10 months. I added primrose oil which helped with some stubborn bacne.

It's hard to maintain a completely dairy/sugar free diet, especially if you have some stress going on, so, around 10 months I had been eating garbage way WAY too regularly and boy did I pay for it. When you eat pizza here and there with no ill effect, you get a little too confident.. and then it catches up with you.

So, I continue to take one DIM, to help with artificial estrogen that's hard to avoid in our world, but I also added BERBERINE. This stuff is much much cheaper than the DIM and just as effective, however, if you're coming off the pill i'd recommend the DIM because it will help balance your hormones. BERBERINE is super effective for acne. I take a 400mg 3x a day, but I take one day a week off (as advised by a naturopath), I follow this for three months then take a month off. Supposedly after 2 or 3 rounds I won't need to use it anymore, so we will see, but I can vouch for its effectiveness.

Another thing that helped, but that I'm reluctant to recommend because it's hard to pinpoint how it was so effective for me is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. I used this cheap Vitacost brand, took 2 a day midday so it wouldn't interfere with other supplements, and took some quality probiotics by PB8. This worked amazing. Then I switched to a different probiotic and it stopped working completely which was so confusing and upsetting. So I think the combo of activated charcoal and probiotics can work it just requires some tweaking with brands and what not, but it's hard to be patient with that when your face is a minefield.

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