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Hi guys,

Ever since a teenager I've had cystic acne. I've been on antibiotics for it but they didn't work and made me nauseous. I've tried many topical solutions such as differin with no luck. It started to go away in my early 20s, completely went away while using the Acne.org regimen, then at 22 or 23 lightly came back. However this year has been an acne nightmare for me. I've tried going back on the regimen, switching my birth control and changing my diet but nothing has helped.

Its to the point where its getting so bad its scarring my face. As a 24 year old, I'm pretty embarrassed and self conscious about it. When I went to the derm they put me on Accutane. I was on the fence about starting it for a long time due to the horror stories and all the pregnancy stuff but finally agreed to fill it after the two doctors appointments. However, once I got around to picking it up I realized my insurance didn't cover it and it was $800.

I'm now refilling it at Sams Club for $230 but thats still really expensive for me. Is there anything out there for financial help with all of this? I'm also nervous about acne coming back after treatment since I'm spending so much. Did anybody have a similar situation and found all of this worth it??

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Wow, $230 is very expensive. I just started Accutane yesterday, so obviously I haven't seen any results yet, but I've done so much research and I've never been so confident about something acne related. I live in Canada and I also have no insurance, but for 40 mg it was $76 for the month. I know this will probably go up with the next dosage. I don't know what your financial situation is, but I think it's such a sin that clear skin is only for the people who can afford it.

Here's my opinion. (Obviously you have to make the decision for yourself) Make sure your dosage is as high as your derm says you can handle for your body weight. The higher the dosage, the less likely your acne is to come back. Take it with a high fat meal every day (at least 20 grams of fat). And, don't rush to get off of it. Some dermatologists suggest staying on it for up to 8 months. Do what he/she is suggesting. It would be awful to have to go on (and pay for) a second round that might not have been necessary if round one had been done to its full capacity. My dermatologist told me that about 1/3rd of people need to go through a second round and that Accutane cures nearly everyone. But, from what I've seen, it has to be done right! None of this low-dose, long term stuff.

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Thank you so much!

My derm said something about keeping it low dosage for a longer period but I agree with what you're saying as I'm reading articles that say they essentially do the same thing/ it could come back on a lower dose. I'm currently taking 40 mg a day and am now on my second round of treatment. Its only getting worse so I'm afraid to go off of it and think I'll just stick with it.

Basically, I'm a poor college kid who has a hard time making rent. Fortunately my parents are helping me pay for most of it (makes me feel guilty though).

Good luck to you and thank you for your advice !

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No! It is so bad for your body..

The amount of negative side effects is horrible. It damages your body so much.

My friend took it and said it made her feel suicidal and depressed, and her skin went all flaky.

Try "lucas papaw" ointment. Its amazing!

I've tried antibiotics, birth control, salicic acid, tea tree oil, fish oil, heaps of washes and creams..

And the only thing that works for me is lucas papaw.. Honestly I swear its amazing!

Also taking zinc is a natural and effective way to treat acne and this helped me.

This also sounds a bit crazy but I don't cleanse my face, I use "micellar cleansing water" instead and it irritates your skin less and has less chemicals and this has improved mine and my friends skin immensely.

Good luck :)

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Its worth it. Mine is running me 600 out of pocket for the medication and 200 for the bloodtests and appointments per month. Was already living month to month so its tough. This may be the only permanent cure for us so stick with it. I feel the money saved in the future that we would have blown on products that don't work would add up to the cost of the accutane.

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