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Coping With My Acne

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Hi, I'm new to this website. I usually don't join these kinds of things, but I thought I'd try it. I really like the idea of having a network of people who are going through the same things you are. People who don't have acne can't understand the psychological toll it can inflict on a person. In fact, I didn't really understand it until it got bad for me this summer. Now I'm going to probably have to go back to school looking much worse than when I left. I wrote this short little poem today because I haven't been feeling good about my progress this summer and just needed to write it down somehow. Here it is.

The eyes are the windows to the soul,

But the face is the door to the heart,

What happens when that door is broken?

Scratched, Scarred, Red, and Swollen,

Can you truly love yourself?

Trapped behind that mask of pain,

Or are you forever stuck,

In a cell of self disdain


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Welcome to the acne.org konakai325!

Indeed dealing with acne its hard and people with clear skin cant understand it as hard they try it.

But you must know that acne can be controlled with various treatments so theres still hope! :)

Its a beautiful sad poem that you wrotte. I think everyone here can relate it to it.

If you need advice you can talk to me.


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agreed, we all know that feeling, and acne can rob you of so much

but you need to fight back, slow and steady progress, get an action plan from what you glean here, then try it for 45-60 days, then move on if it doesn't work- keep a journal of what food triggers might be doing it, clean up your diet, minimize sugar, no processed food, ditch dairy if you haven't tried it.....clean pillowcases, stick to a routine

but get outside, and live, get one good friend or family member you can confide in on your journey....and know there are many here to support you as well as you look to find your triggers

you've been virtually hugged, now get a plan and chin up!

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Hi! I'm also new to acne.org. I think it's good to talk to people, who are going through the same thing as you :)

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Hey welcome to Acne.org im with you we all have to battle this ACNE. (Btw love the poem) but As mrsrobinson said keep track of things that could trigger your acne and then try to work around that. Set goals or do things to get your mind of off your acne. In my case i go to the gym and relieve all my stress with the weight LOL if you want you could check out Brian on youtube ( humuriusfitness) its mostly about weight training but he is also dealing with acne and vlogs about it and is very motivational. Hope all goes well OP cheers

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