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BEST concealer for acne scars!

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Hi Everyone!

I had to share this because I know it can help a lot of people. I have tried many MANY concealers (spent $$$$) on everything from very expensive brands to cheapo things I couldn't resist buying. They either worked for a while or not at all. I read some good reviews at www.makeupalley.com and decided to try yet another concealer.

Mary Kay Signature Concealer is the only one that has been able to hide my ugly acne scars that are still red and too stubborn to fade away. What I found is that if I put it on with a concealer brush and pat powder over it, it will stay on all day. The most important thing is to use very little since it can cake if layered too much. I have combo skin and put moisturizer (Oil of Olay) on my dry spots before I put on the concealer. I don't even use foundation anymore.

I have this in Yellow(color corrector),Beige and Light Bronze. I just mix as I go along to match my skin. Another plus is that these colors are yellow based and tone down red and bluish marks very well. I bought these tubes really cheap on Ebay-they were all new and still in the box. The next best concealer after this would have to be CinemaSecrets and then Prescriptives Camaflouge Cream.

I hope this helps. I have started to feel more confident now that I know when I'm out people can't see my scars. Acne sucks and the aftermarks are the worst.

Please list any other concealers that you recommend and has worked for you.

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For red marks, I like Janet Sartin BlemishFix from Heavenspa.com. I also like Prescriptives cream concealer, which I can use on both red marks and under the eye.

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This one isn't pricey at all, but it gets the job done easy. When I use this, I don't even bother with foundation because it evens out skin tone and looks finished and put together in the end.

**I don't have it on me, so I'm not sure of the exact name, but it's the stick concealer from the Body Shop (#8 has the widest range in color for asian/ethnic skintones, it's one stick that seems to match all of them)

It's good consistency because it's not too liquid, it's like a really fat eye or lipliner pencil, so it's easy to blend with your finger and it looks like it was applied with a brush (or not applied at all! *gasp!* clear skin!!)

Hehe, good luck dahlin.

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Guest june
Hey June,

Is  that for usage on the face or undereyes?

The word concealer throws me off...are we talking undereye concealer? Thats what I usually think when I hear concealer not really a wear on your face foundation typa thing?

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