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HI there,

My acne isn't as bad as it use to be. this is by using various combination of diet and skin regime. This also included using Quinoderm 5. This is has been the only one to date that did it's job without overly drying my skin. Although using it every night, i'm pretty sure it was darkening my skin. SO i cut back to twice a week. Works a treat as other nights i use Paula's Choice Moisture Barrier with retinol.

Aaaannnnnnnyyyyywwwwwaaaaayyyyysssss, they're discontinuing Quinoderm in the UK. PanOxyl is also gone, so i'm looking at Acne.org treatment since there's a UK supplier.

I was wondering has the formula been changed from the batches from 6 years ago?

Also will i need to start off slow even though i'm BP veteran?

Does this BP cause darkening of skin for any one when overused. I'm Indian origin btw.

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As far as I am aware we do not have an official UK supplier and nobody other than Amazon is authorized to resell the products.

Skin darkening in the beginning is almost always due to dry skin. If you use the moisturizer generously and add some extra jojoba oil drops, that should help. Please also read the blue box on this page. http://www.acne.org/regimen-help.html#burn

If you have been consistently on The Regimen and haven't taken a break from benzoyl peroxide you should be able to transition right over to our products just fine, but if you want to introduce the bp slowly for a week it certainly wouldn't hurt anything to go slow with it. The bp formula hasn't changed in probably close to 8 years if I remember correctly.

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We do not have a UK supplier or any suppliers outside of ordering through our store. I strongly recommend you do not order from any outside supplier. We cannot guarantee the efficacy, safety, or freshness of products sold by any resellers.

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Oh ok, i found the product on Amazon Uk or 'fulfilled' by Amazon UK. So you may want to have word with them.

Well thanks for the skin darkening advice. I will buy the moisturiser as well then after all the Quinoderm is on the end of finishing.

Brandy, i've used combination of things to get skin under control. Diet mainly, especially carrot juice (with the centre core taken out) two or three times a week, which really helped acne on the fore head.

The treatments i use are Paula's Choice Resist Barrier, and Quinoderm alternately. But i treat it like the regimen, 'slow and steady', from cleanser>treatment> moisturiser. Plus Spf moisturiser for the day.

The only difference now will be Quinoderm is 5% and yours is 2.5%.

Thanks Dan. Keep up the good work, really helped me out over the years this website.

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