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Caveman Regimen Concerns And Questions

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Greetings you wonderful people! I apologize in advance if my post is a bit long but I have some very important questions and I hope you guys can help me.

I’ve recently adapted to the caveman regimen. I’m about three weeks in and I have some concerns.

Now to begin though, I must tell you – acne does not run in my family. Also the reason why I thought this regimen would be a good thing is because when I was 15-18 years old, I NEVER washed my face. Whenever I was in the shower was when I would wet my face with water and I am telling you – I had the most perfect skin. So when I hit 20, began wearing make up and thus, buying the products from the store cause that's what everyone else used, that’s when I got acne because I kept changing my cleansers like twice in one day at times because…well I was ignorant to having acne.

I must also say that I used olive oil to remove my make up and that is when I had the worst break out of my life because i learned my skin was too sensitive to it and it left a bunch of horrible scars/marks that I still have. I must also say that my acne began to get worst/active when I also stopped using birth control.

Anyways back to the main point.

I am doing this regimen and reading that people have not seen breakouts at all. But, I’ve gotten a few break outs on my cheeks but they have turned smaller a lot quicker than it usually would if I washed my face

But my biggest problem is….I AM CONSTANTLY breaking out on my chin. I have at least 4-5 there right now and they are pretty painful. At one point 3 tiny ones popped up beside each other and then 2 that looked like cysts. Is this normal? Am I to expect this? Is my skin purging itself? I never usually got break outs on my chin and especially not like this.

I must also admit that I have a bacterial infection that I was treating but something went wrong and I got a UTI [bladder infection] which I am treating now. I still need to take the medicine for the bacterial infection down in my intimate parts so could that be causing my break outs as well?

Also, should I go to the doctors to see if my hormones are unbalanced? My mother seemed to think so that since I got off the birth control, my break outs were consistent and pretty bad that it could be a hormonal imbalance.

I have no clue about these things because as I said, I never suffered from acne.

I will say that my skin is looking better and smoother from doing this regimen but my scars are still very much there and it’s been there for almost two years now. I’m at my wits end so I want this to be my solution but I am not understanding why I am breaking out on my chin so much and no where else besides one or two pimples on my cheeks.

I did exfoliate once and put oil on my face. I was also considering washing with rice water once or twice a week when I do decide to wash my face but do nothing afterwards.

Ahh sorry for the long post. I’d be eternally grateful if anyone can answer my long list of inquires!

Thank you!

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