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What hobbies keep your mind off acne?

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Playing ball always gets my mind off my acne. smile.gif

When im just ballin, i feel like nothing else matters. Its my one and only relief and im so happy that it is. biggrin.gif


jpjp hehe

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Guitar, drawing, writing, work (not really a hobby but, it takes my mind off acne)

Boxing, piano, photography and working on my inventions

That sounded like I was such a nerd biggrin.gif

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i 'bring the mosh', 'electro-dance', spazz out in my room a lot while singing along to hellogoodbye?? that's the closest to a hobby, besides video games, but i never have time for that anymore. :<

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ninja.gif Hobbies?

I'd say electronics, computers, cars, audio in cars, other things...., music, politics, chillin w friends. ooh did i mention im on 120 mg of accutane biggrin.gif.

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i posted this to someone else's thing... i dont want to retype it all.


Well I read your posting too. Hmmm. How's the dosage goin now?

In high school I had problems. On my nose, my forehead, just random bullshit all the time. I was on tetracycline, minocycline, clindoxyl gel, everything. Just this year I started ACCUTANE. I started with, shit i forgot. It was 60mg I believe. I did that for four months, stopped for 1/2 a month, acne slowly came back . Then I upped it to 80mg for another 4 months. 1/2 way through that 4month period, I upped it to 120mg. Right now I have 22 days left on it. I am dry as hell, but mass amounts of vitamin E on my face and arms helps, as well as vitamin E coca butter on my lips. I am 21. Sure I got depressed during this time, but maybe it is worth it. And by the way, at 120mg, even after you put on the vitamin E on your face, the dryness will conquer. I come out of the shower, dry up, within 10minutes my face around my mouth is like pure white with dryness and my forehead and cheeks are pretty shiny. It's some crazy shit. What is the highest dosage any of you know of that anyone has taken? By the end of my 'treatment' it will be 8months. Some days are just depressing. I work 7 days a week...been doing that for the last 75 days, and I just recently quit smoking (TRYING HARD FOR GOOD smoked for atleast 5 years now). So you can imagine what hell i am going through.

yea, i weigh like 220 lbs. I'm not fat, but i want a 6 pack for christmas as well as a texas of rye eusa_shifty.gif

i'm on my 8th month of this accutane... it wasn't every REALLY SEVERE like some ppl's i've seen, but it's a pisser when you want to get some and it bothers u that much u don't even want to see the chick. heh.

heh. elsa is that yer real pic in yer avatar. what country are you from and how old are you?


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Laughter, music, homework confused.gif , and this is somewhat contradictory but hanging out with friends. When I hang out with buddies and girls I know and feel comfortable around, its always a good time with tons of laughter. But when I'm around people I don't know, I am reminded of my acne almost constantly.

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