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Advice Needed: Ultra Red Skin Plus Acne

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I have been terrorized by acne for 6 years, and currently I am in the army. Part of my training requires me to wear and stay in masks for long periods of time, and this is an extremely painful experience for me. I have tried many products, and sad to say none work, and my dermatologist advices against the use of accutane.

Besides having face full of painful large pimples, my face is also very red along the temples to the cheek. Because I am in the army, avoiding the sun is out of the question. I have read that it is best to wash my face 2 times daily to avoid irritation, but due to many physical training daily, my face is almost always sweaty. Plus with the usage of sunblock, which make my face feel even "oilier", I can't help but to wash it multiple times per day.

I would sincerely appreciate and value any suggestions/opinion given, hope someone out there can help me out...

My current routine:


Cleanser - sunblock - cream


Cleanser - moisturizer - acne cream

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Wow, that's a tough one. I would strongly advise accutane, but since you're out in the sun all the time I would actually advise against accutane. The only thing you can really do is either try some cleansers with BP in it or dramatically change your diet so that you consume few carbs.

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