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Nov. 10, 2004 (New Orleans) -- Vitamin E hasn't proven to be good for the heart, and now a study suggests that too much vitamin E -- daily doses of 400 IU or more -- actually increases the risk of dying, according to new findings.

Story here

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The thing is,  I don't know if there's a causal link there.  When they say that people who consume more vitamin E are more likely to die sooner,  it doesn't say much.  Did they die *because* they took the extra vitamin E or did they die *and* happened to be taking the extra vitamin E?  Do any of the articles make that distinction?

See,  one thing which could explain it is this...  People that are taking more vitamin E might be doing so because they've got a pre-existing health condition that makes them think that taking vitamin E would help.  Since vitamin E is often listed as being good for the heart,  maybe people with heart disease are taking extra vitamin E and people without heart disease are not?  In that case,  of course the people who are taking more vitamin E are going to die sooner,  because they're the ones with heart disease already,  not because of the vitamin E.

So I'd first want to find that out before jumping to any conclusions about vitamin E itself.


Austin, Texas USA

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Story link posted above under the first post.

They died after a longterm what they are saying is that. Basically its like smoking every time you smoke a ciggarett you take 7 minnets off your life. Im not saying Vitamin E is doing that, but it is taking minnets off your life. As they studied it. And they got those results. Story above like I said wink.gif

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