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Delna, would you have any advice for how I should use this regimen along with Puredeming Lactic peel and Intense gel. I'm really scared of aggrevating my skin to much by exfoliating to much.

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Can I use egg whites in cartons instead? Does it have any different effects on the face

Liquid, NOT RAW egg whites are 100% bioavailable. Which means that none of its Amino acids are wasted. Powdered egg whites and protein powders in general, are only 70 to 80% bioavailable at best. The powders only support muscle growth for 2 to 3 hours. Liquid egg whites support muscle growth for up to 4 to 5 hours.

What’s the difference between LIQUID and RAW egg whites? The human body cannot completely and safely digest a raw egg white. So, if you like to do the “Rocky Routine� with a raw egg or raw egg white in your drink, you are wasting your time, not to mention the threat of Salmonella. Avidin, which is found in raw egg whites, blocks the uptake of Vitamin B6 (Biotin) causing a vitamin deficiency. You must cook the egg white to neutralize the Avidin and allow your body to safely digest the protein and utilize all its Amino acids.

Our 100% pure liquid egg whites from Egg Whites International are heat pasteurized and salmonella tested. The pasteurization process heats the egg white to 134 degrees for 3 ½ minutes. This heat kills the salmonella and neutralizes the Avidin to allow the egg whites to be digested safely by the human body. When you cook an egg white to the point of scrambled eggs, you are overcooking the protein and denaturing the true value of the protein. Therefore, 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites are liquid but not raw, making them the purest form of protein, known to man, In The Entire World! They will stay good in your refrigerator for 90 to 120 days. Can be frozen indefinitely.

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I have had great results getting rid of redmarks with BS/ACV method, but with a couple shortcuts (because I'm usually in in a hurry in the morning or really tired at night)! I don't do the egg white/lemon thing because that made me feel like a pie.

Anyway, my redmarks got a lot better after maybe two days--and my skin was super soft without being oily.

To make the mask add 1 box of baking soda (not baking powder) to an equal part of apple cider vinegar (about 8oz.) in a HUGE plastic mixing bowl (so i'll have it made for the rest of the week)!

I can't believe the super reaction I got! Redmarks are now the least of my worries! eusa_dance.gif

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Thanks so much for posting your regimen. I have two teenage boys with acne that teeters between mild and moderate at times. It has been an emotional roller coaster for them. Their self esteem is being affected and I one to help any way I can. On my husbands side, all his siblings were afflicted, some severely. At

Thanksgiving they showed a lot of concern and felt pained for my boys. I am hoping that they can clear up somewhat for Xmas so we all can feel better. What a wonderful gift for the guys and our whole family.

After trying the regimen last night, we've found we have a few questions if you don't mind.

Till now have been using 4% Brevoxyl wash and Tazorac cream.

As a result, both boys, very dry. I added a toner and moisturizer to this regimen. Still dry. The 17 yr old cleared up nicely on his forhead, nose, chin, etc., but now he is breaking out on his cheeks. Both boys getting some scarring.

14 yr old is very dry, breaking out all over in general.

When using your regimen, we used a gentle cleanser, but didn't have BP cream.

Can we use a small amount of the Brevoxyl wash to get the BP or is the cream better way to go.

Regarding the Tazorac: They have been using each evening 15 min after washing. They have used this cream a long time. Should we use the BP instead or both.

All three of us tried your regimen last night and we saw a difference. To experiment and because I wasn't sure what to do with out having BP cream, I used a small amount of the Brevoxl and rinsed with clear water on my youngest son. We did this after the CV. In the place where the BP cream would be used.

I am going to go out today to get these items we need.

One more thing: Are you taking the Vitamin B5 and could you tell me the dose.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks in advance for you advice.

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This is probably a stupid question....what exactly is 'apple cider' vinegar?? I live in Scotland and i've never seen it before, but then again i don't go shopping for vinegar all that often! So does anyone who lives in the UK know where to get it?

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Hello everyone,

I haven't been able to get online in a while and wanted to say that I started this regimen when Delna first posted it and have noticed AWESOME results from it, skin is so smooth and clear I LOVE IT and I would like to thank Delna again for sharing it eusa_clap.gif


- I really wanted to post and address to you my rountine because it is very similar to what your two sons are on and I think it would help you them out!

First off I would toss whatever cleaser you they are using in the morning to wash their face and use the Baking Soda soley, it will cause less irritation on the face and then after it dries apply the AVC and let sit for 10min and then wash off and if you have the time its best to let your face air dry but if you have to very lightly pat it dry.

Next which I think is a key part to making the skin fresh and healthy is the moisturizer from my experice and what I am on now that is great is clear 100% ALOE VERA. It is very key in keeping the face from peeling or getting irritated. you can apply it a couple of times through out the day it is so NICE!

At night depending on if they want to shave or not I do at night you can use the cleaner to wash the face and shave during this step; I use Aveeno Clear Complextion Foaming Cleanser it is so natural and gentle to the face. After it dries you can do the egg white mask, after 10min wash off. I like to use really cold water in the shower on my face in order to keep my pores tight especially since thats what the mask is trying to do "TIGHTEN THE PORES".

This Next step applying the Tazorac or Brevoxyl -4. Wait about 15-20min before putting either on. I have not have much experiece with Brevoxyl, I was on it for about a month and results were quite minimal so I switched back to Tazorac. When applying the Tazorac, (I have been on this for a while and have had very good results) make sure not use to much as a result your face will get irritated and start peeling, when you sleep especially because its on the pillow and tossing and turning only makes it worse. Use a small amount about the size of a jelly bean and use your two middle and two index fingers and apply all over the face, even though it doesn't seem like much it will definitely run its course

I stated a B-5(Pantothenic Acid) regimen the same time I started the Delna's regimen(one stated above) about 3.5 weeks ago. The first to days i only took about 5-7g's each day to get a solid base. And from then till now I have been on 10g's a day well around there lol. The pills can be bought online or at a GNC or Vitamin World..etc. The biggest size pill that you can get are the 500mg, so that equates to 20pills a day which seems like alot. But, in a way I thought so too at first but it isn't that bad. The best way to take them is spread out, I take 4pills every couple of hrs with water.

Oh as far as Benzoyl Peroxide, if you thinking about using it I would not reccommend if your sons get blemishes. I am in college now and back in H.S I used proactives solution for about 2-3yrs and it did help some but before I came to college I had some bad blemishes and it TAKES FOREVER FOR THE RED MARKS TO GO AWAY(like about a year and a half to be completely gone) and I had some small scars from it. I later found out that the Benzoyl Peroxide changes your skin and makes it take SOOOOOO long for the red marks to disappear.

Now since being on the regimen stated above and B-5 my skin has been awesome and is finally almost completely clear execpt for a few fading red marks but I can live it until they are gone!!!



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hi doll, depending on ur skin type, it will work faster for some and slower for the rest. It worked pretty fast for me. earlier i used scrubs (st.ives, proactiv) and different kind of creams..and everything broke me out..my skin had become so sensitive to abuse sad.gif ! so before starting this regimen i gave my skin a break..and did not use anything other than a cleanser to clean it. after abt a week, skin came back to normal. then i started my regimen. so give it some time...im sure u wont be disappointed. if u were using harsh products before, allow some time for skin to get back to normal before starting this regimen. GOOD LUCK!

Anno, im sorry i really dont know abt the products u mentioned. ive heard a lot abt puredeming intense gel. a lot of ppl seems to like it. u can try using it in the evening after ur mask, instead of ur acne cream. Abt the peel, i really have no idea. Ask around..

twixbars...as far as i know...baking soda and vinegar mixed together is used to unclog drains!! what happens is..carbonic acid is formed which decomposes quickly into Carbondioxide and water..thats how u see the foaming and bubbling. Are u sure u want to use it on ur face eusa_shifty.gif ?? i have not heard of this face pack anywhere..cd u pls elaborate on ur results and where u got this idea from?

hi goldengirl, thanks a bunch for ur nice words. i agree fully with usershift's advice. let me clear ur doubts.

- pls ask ur boys to stop using Brevoxyl wash. It contains BP and for my regimen u need to use a gentler cleanser without any anti-bacterial or anti-acne product in it. this is so as to not dry out the skin. dry skin is irritated skin and irritated skin breaks out in angry pimples! u can try Aveeno. a lot of ppl like it. i use dove soap for sensitive skin.

- ur boys can use tazorac cream as their acne cream for this regimen, if its helping them.

- if they r using tazorac, no need to use a bp cream. any one anti-acne cream will do. its not necessary that its bp that u have to use. i use bp coz it helps my skin. there r ppl who prefer salicylic acid. so we all have to discover what works for us.

im not on vitamin B5. i dont think its really necessary to take a supplement coz my diet has all the vitamin B5 i need. its found in poultry, fish, whole grain breads, whole grain cereals, nuts, cheese, potatoes, milk, eggs and bananas.

hopeless2, usershift.... eusa_clap.gifeusa_dance.gif good for u guys!!

tallica, apple cider vinegar is as the name suggests made by fermenting apples. u can do a search on google to find out where u can get it in UK.

new_personality, bleaches like 'Fem' instructs us to leave it on for no more than 10 mins. why is that? but does it work? yes it does. dont underestimate acv just coz its natural, lol lol.gif !! but u can leave it on if u think ur skin can take it. no harm in trying. u can re-use the left over mask. but its better if u store eggwhite and lemon separately and mix it just before using it.

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I've tried this for a week and there wasn't any results so i stopped. sad.gif

I'm rather hesitant on trying it again...i'm afraid of another breakout...

also, if i do the baking soda method, do i apply it all over the face or just the area with the marks?

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I was on this routine for about two weeks and don't think it did anything for my red marks. I only applied the egg mask every other day though.

However, as opposed to being almost totally clear of active acne earlier, I got a few pimples while on this routine. So I won't stick to it any longer.

I'm now going to ditch BP to see if my red marks will fade faster.

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question: would oxy work good as a cleanser? i think i have proactiv bp somewhere/ about the egg mask..how can i substatute if im only 14 and cant do something like that and acv thing also....ill try to sneak if i can hehe..

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so does the egg white thing work? so just dump an egg white in a bowl add some lemon & mix then apply? im afraid it wont work i dont just want to put something on my face cuz right now i have no pimples just red marks...

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Delna, I'm another one who has to tell you Thank You So Much for posting this thread!!!! eusa_clap.gif I started trying this on Monday, and already my skin looks SOOOOOO much better! It doesn't seem to help with the active pimples, but it is absolutely fantastic for getting rid of blackheads, closed comedones and red marks!!! (in any case, the main problem with my skin is the clogged pores and red marks, so I only have two actual infected pimples -- they don't seem to be getting better, but the rest of my skin is looking maybe 75-80% better, and that's only in 4 days!!!)

I can almost imagine my skin looking normal in a few weeks' time, if it continues to improve like this -- thanks so much!!!! eusa_dance.gif

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Delna, Usershift,

Thanks for you posts regarding my boys. I have wanted to get back to post that they are doing really well. I can't express how grateful I am. Thanks for the needed encouragement. I am thrilled and the guys are too. They are eager to do the regimen. I am just so amazed. What a great Xmas present!!!

An issue we could still use some advice regarding is moisturizer. These guys are used to putting it on as soon as possible after washing. The Brevoxyl wash was so drying. They feel uncomfortable after the acne medicine goes on. Shouldn't they wait a while before applying the moisturizer. The Taz tube indicates it should be apllied after washing or 15 min after applying moisturizer.

Thanks again! Oh yea, and I agree Hopeless (2) should change screen names, maybe to HOPEFUL!!! Just a suggestion!!


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I'm a little unclear on your moisturizer question but I will try to answer it the best I can. As far as the wash in the morning if they use the baking soda instead of the brevoxyl it will work alot better trust me and make their face alot less irritated then do the ACV, after that you can wait like 15min then apply the moisturizer whichever is working for your sons I use 100% ALOE VERA by Fuit of the Earth its a gel that is clear and the best by far I think, at least for me some say it also helps with blemishes.

I have a question, are they applying the Tazorac twice a day> ? In the morning and at Night? if they are I would not really recommend doing this because its harsh on the face to have that on all the time and the effects will be less prominent, as apposed to just at night before they go to bed. But If they are, I used to do this some a while ago and I would just wash with your clenser then wait and let the face dry for 15min then apply the tazorac then wait like 5-10min then apply some a moisturizer ontop of that.

But also if they don't want to do the BS and ACV in the morning they can wash with whatever cleasner works for them and just wait a little for it to dry and then apply the moisturizer or the other way stated above if they want to do the taz twice a day. But I haven't tried doing the BS, then ACV and Taz then Moisturizer in the morning so, I don't how good that would work but sounds like alot for the face and then washing and doing the egg white mask and then washing off and then applying the Taz again ALL in one day seems like alot. But you can try it the best way to figure out what works best for them is by trial and error everones body and skin is different so what works for one might not always work for the other so..... But have faith I'm sure your sons are on the right track to having clear skin very soon!!!

oh and by the way are you going to be starting the B-5 regimen cause I also think that it has also contributed along with Delna's regimen to helping to keep my skin clear also in alot of other people maintaining clear skin, from what I hear it has a higher success for people than Accutane does. So, I would def give it a try!!!

Hope this helps you some!!!

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Delna - you deserve an award!!! My skin's looking fab! It's really smooth, I no longer need 5 inches of foundation, thank you SO MUCH!! I'm going to carry on with it though, to keep my skin lovely! Plus, last weekend I was scouted by a model agency biggrin.gif THANK YOU DELNA!!!!

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wait wait so does this help with red marks??? i dont feel like looking through the whole thread so what do i have to do to get rid of my red marks??? and how long does it take to see results...right now im just poking a hole in a vitamin e capsule and applying that! i have no pimples right now just red marks which i hate because if i didnt have them id have a clear complexion!

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okay ive been using this regimen for about two weeks and its been great. Almost like i have a new face. Im almost all clear except two red marks and one blemish that came out just about ten minutes b4 i posted lol.

I wanted to know if its okay to just use the neutrogena-on-the-spot at night and not through out the day because my face gets a little red after it. I guess if it was 5% i would not be using it, and its clunky. Also if i wanted to use tea tree cleanser or tea tree oil where should i put it in the regimen(i heard it was good for stopping new blemishes).

and also what is a better moisturizer to use than the neutrogena oil free one because that one makes my face very greasy and its probably what gave me the blemish i just got(would you recommend aloe vera 100% gel).

By the way thanx i love my new face lol.

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I'm also here to thank delna who is an absolute sweetheart wub.gif

I've been using baking soda with my cleanser and diluted ACV as a toner and I think it has made all the difference in the flakiness and redness smile.gif. I think someone mentioned somewhere else and I agree that using the baking soda as an exfoliant improves the effectiveness of the BP by getting rid of that dead skin.

Thank you delna biggrin.gif

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A word to PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT SEEING RESULTS after 2 weeks of this regimen...

Our red marks take a long long time to go away on its own. This is because when a wound heals, there is inflammation at the site of injury caused by ur white blood cells when they attempt to heal the wound. this inflammation is the cause of PIH..or post inflammatory pigmentation. In other words, our red marks sad.gifeusa_boohoo.gif .

it takes abt one and half years for PIH to fade cry.gif !! There is no miracle cure which can fade it completely in 2 weeks. All treatments for red marks work very very slowly. BUT DO U KNOW A SECRET??? the reason u find a lot of difference with one treatment than the other is..because ur skin reacts well to the former...and there is improvement in ur skin tone as a whole. ur red marks appear faded because ur skin is rejuvenated as a whole...no cream or lotion works on the marks alone!!

we r just helping the skin speed up its rejuvenation process with any regimen. none of us can push it to work harder..it has a mind of its own, lol...and it WILL PROTEST!!! so pls dont expect this regimen to work like surgical treatments which concentrate on the marks alone.

this may not work for everyone. so, when u feel this is not helping you, then's the time to think of trying something else. Pls dont give up searching.. there is a cure somewhere waiting for u..


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