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I’ve been doing the regimen for 2 days, but I have been using baking powder and not baking soda (I’m going to start using it tomorrow) I think that the regimen helping, but it might just be wishful thinking. But I do have 3 new whiteheads!

I have some questions about the regimen

1.) Do you only put the acne cream on at night?

2.) Can I Moisturize morning and night with aloe vera gel?

3.) If the egg mask makes your pores small is it going to be hared it get out blackheads?

4.) When I wash my face I use hot water to make my pores big to help clean them out. So when should I use cold water to make them small? For example at night after I wash off the mask should I use cold water then, or after I put on my acne gel?

Thanks a million!


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Guest FearlessBunnyLove

I've been doing this for a few days now and even if it doesn't work for me I love how it makes my skin feel. I guess i'll wait and see if it works.

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How everyone doing?

I stared doing these on Tuesday July, 26 at night. So its been a little more then a week. I’m getting better! biggrin.gif I don’t know if it is from doing these because I just started using Derma E on (I think) Tuesday night so that might be why I’m getting better! I don’t know but whatever it is I’m loving it, wub.gif I’ll let you all know how it goes. Oh I’m going to stop doing it for the rest of the week, I’m going to the mountains! I’m so happy that I going my face all way gets better when I go eusa_dance.gif (don’t know why) So I’ll start agin on Monday morning.

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I've been doing this since April. I don't even use this method to fade red marks anymore, since there is glycolic acid for that, but it's a great way to start the day.

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THIS WORKS GUYS! i was on proactiv for about a month before i tried this regimen three days ago. although yes, proactiv works (it made my acne from severe to moderate).. the progress kinda slowed down, so i said what the heck, i'll try this! others seem to say it works! and plus, delna was the same race as me so i thought that this had more of a chance that it would work on me. so, here i am 3 days later - from having about 15+ zits and a whole lot of red marks to only 4 zits!!! and the scars/red marks have almost TOTALLY FADED! biggrin.gifeusa_dance.gif thanks for sharing your regimen, delna! eusa_clap.gif couldn't have done it without you!! eusa_angel.gif

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does anyone breaks out from the egg ?? i broke out after i used it the first time sad.gif

did u use just the egg white? or wit the yolk ? i heard the yolk will make you break out.. so i just use the egg white.. n it works biggrin.gif

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