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Hey everyone,

I'm new to this site, and I just wanted to get some advice on what I should do. I've had generally clear skin throughout my life, just a few occasional pimples in highschool, same thing throughout college. (Just turned 23 yesterday btw for age reference) Anyway, starting around February/March of this year, I started getting more and more pimples on my chin. They have gotten worse, mostly whiteheads and recently more cystic type blemishes. At the time they started popping up, I was going through a lot in life and I kind of still am (broke up with boyfriend, moved to new city, got a new job, etc) so I'm wondering if it's just due to stress? But I also started trying different kinds of concealers/foundations as well so not sure if that's the reason..I just don't understand why it would be affecting me this far down the road?? I have been trying different face washes and idk, I still have acne and its still getting worse..I've been using Cetaphil everyday (once or twice) and a couple times a week I use St. Ives blemish control exfoliating scrub. Then I use Say Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer..it hasn't been too long that Iv'e stuck with these products on a legit regimin, just about a week. Should I stick with it longer to see results? Also what suggestions do you have for natural face washes? My skin is pretty sensitive. Thank you all so much! I appreciate any help. I feel overwhelmed with all the products online and in stores. I want to find the right face wash and stick with it.

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